Witty title, eyy??? It was a toss up between TEMPURa or TEMPURfection and although I LOVE TEMPURA, I think the latter was better suited for this post. *Now I’m hungry* In between wedding errands and meetings, we managed to squeeze a visit to the Tempur Showroom in Shangrila Mall yesterday.
The very first time I heard about Tempur was through my coworker years ago. He said he invested in a mattress for X amount and we all had our jaws dropped.  We were all dumbfounded, how could this  fella spend so much money for a bed?!?! All I could think of was, “That better be a Chinese businessman’s bed with  bundles of cash hidden underneath!”. But my friend kept raving about it being the “Best Thing that ever happened to ME” and he didn’t even use this phrase to describe his girlfriend! He explained how peacefully he slept each day: allowing him to perform better at work, get over his insomnia, and most importantly–curing his back problems and other physical ailments. 
So when Mayen of Tempur Philippines invited us to experience Tempur for ourselves, I was actually excited about it! I’ve always been curious about this wonder mattress. When we entered the Shang branch, we were welcomed by the very friendly staff. We were asked to lay down on their Chocolate Tempur Supreme bed—–DID YOU SAY CHOCOLATE BED?!?! You gotta be kidding me! And before I could start munching on it, I realized it was called chocolate just because of the color. Pinaasa mo lang ako! Although I didn’t get my sugar fix, the experience was just as exhilarating. It did all these magic maneuvers and massaging thingy-majiggies! 
I was so genuinely impressed by their beds and mattresses, I called my mom to tell her all about it as soon as I got home. It really is an investment for your health and well being! Sleep takes up 8 hours of your day, EVERY DAY. Not counting the naps in between and all the DVD marathons too! You spend a lot of time in your bed to rest, bond and unwind–it’s definitely one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. Second to the refrigerator of course (Obviously a foodie here!). Hopefully we will be rich enough to get both our parents Tempur mattresses someday it would make such a nice gift for our folks!
Top 10 Tempur Quotes:
(The things your bound to say once you test a Tempur mattress)
1. “Oh Dear Lord, I think I’m in love”
2. “My body is melting right into it”
3. “So this CLOUD mattress, it’s made of premium marshmallows right? Imported?”
4. “What the? How did it do that?!?!”
5. “My back wants to make babies with this mattress!”
6. “Babe, we are selling our car for this. I think walking on EDSA is healthier anyway!”
7. “Do that again, do that again, do that again!”
8. “Sleep is for the weak—if you’re not sleeping on a Tempur mattress!!!!”
9. “I’m sure the NASA astronauts said: “It’s out of this world!” when they developed this”
10.”That’s it, I’m quitting my job. I just want to sleep all day!”
If like moi and Patrick, you are still a start up couple with limited funds..perhaps you’d like to consider investing in some Tempur pillows first. If SLEEP is important to you, then maybe saving up for a little bedroom luxury will do your body good. (For engaged couples, include it in your wedding registry–pronto!–and pray that your big time Ninong buys them for you) There are several types of Tempur Pillows available in the Philippines, each uniquely designed for specific sleeping positions. I narrowed my pillow picks to 5!
Images and Text below  from Tempur website

The Original Pillow was developed together with physiotherapists to ensure that it moulds perfectly to the exact contours of your neck and head, giving excellent support and relief to the neck and shoulder muscles.

The Ombracio Pillow supports you in your preferred sleep position. The special design helps to improve your breathing, even when sleeping on your stomach. The shape, the material and the cover of the pillow have been designed for better ventilation, comfort and simply a more restful sleep.

A soft formulated TEMPUR Material harmonizes perfectly with the unique dual-sided design of the Symphony Pillow to provide a slightly softer, yet supportive pillow to fit any sleeping position. The gently arched side provides additional head and neck support for back sleepers while the other side provides a more traditional pillow feel and works well for side sleepers.

The Sonata Pillow provides extra comfort, and ensures excellent and soft support for your head and neck. Usually while sleeping you move your pillow around with you to get comfortable support. This pillow supports you no matter how and where you lie on it. You have no need to move your pillow – it is there for you already. You can sleep peacefully and wake up truly revitalized.

BUT THE PILLOW OF ALL PILLOWS would have to be this: THE CLOUD!!! This is the only pillow on earth that deserves this name! I felt like a care bear sleeping on an actual cloud—well, we all know clouds are made of gas—but you catch my drift! It’s fluffy, soft, and cuddly!The perfect sleep partner!
After 30 minutes of pillow testing, we finally narrowed it down to the SYMPHONY pillow. We both loved how it supported our neck and back muscles. It still had that melting softness but firm enough to hold your neck up. We both spend hours on the computer (even more so for Patrick who edits commercials all day long) so we often suffer from sore backs and stiff necks..so these pillows are really a God send! Note: This SYMPHONY pillow is perfect for side-sleepers!
On a side note, we also discovered this AMAZING LITTLE GADGET called the NEATO in the Tempur store. It’s a robot vacuum cleaner. Hello 2012!:) It cleans your carpets and floors all by itself! Since Patrick and I won’t have a helper when we move in together, we will be doing ALL our chores–so this is definitely on my wish list! http://www.neatorobotics.com/. 
5th Floor, Shangrila Mall, Edsa cor Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City
For more details, visit their website here

9 Responses to TEMPURfection

  1. There are a lot of good mattresses in the market, but if you’re after the actual TEMPUR technology..I think you have to stick to the original to get your money’s worth 🙂

  2. I could use a Tempur mattress and pillows these days. With so much stress at work especially for night shifters like me, these are stress relievers indeed not to mention much more comfort! (wla bang giveaways? Hehehe)

  3. There is a downside to the Tempur mattress. My husband always falls asleep the minute his back touches it 🙂 It’s true what your co-worker said about the Tempur mattress. It really is a good investment. It’s sooooo relaxing!!!

  4. After trying out the Tempur mattress yesterday, I completely understand your husband. You caan’t take that against him. hehe! -Patrick

  5. I sleep on a Tempur pillow and awesome is an understatement. No hotel pillow can compare to it.

    It needs some getting used to though. I’d get dizzy spells the first week I used it. But it was smooth sailing after that. 🙂


  6. Hi! I just wondered why you bought Symphony, when you described Cloud as “the pillow of all pillows.”