Thank someone who has changed your life.

In my inbox today, I got this poster from the CS crew and I was encouraged to share it with you guys.
Who do you want to thank today? God sends people your way for a reason, there are no accidents when it comes to people..each relationship serves a special purpose in your life. So take the time to just think about this question. Could it be your husband who had to punch in extra hours at the office just so you could pay this month’s rent? Or your 7 month old baby who just manages to make you smile each morning? Or your old college professor who never failed to encourage you? Could it be your best friend who prayed with you day and night when you were nursing a broken heart? It could be a stranger, it could be an entire family, it could be anyone!
Feel free to grab this image by right clicking on it, post it freely on your blog, twitter, or make it the cover page of your Facebook account. Just a few clicks can go a long way. It’s simple yet powerful. By expressing publicly how much you appreciate that ONE person in your life, you also encourage others to show gratefulness to the people around them too. 🙂

So wait, what is Walkway all about??? The Church Simplified team is currently gearing up for WALKWAY 2012– a fresh, current, and more personal take on the Stations of the Cross. If you don’t have any plans for Holy Week, we’d love to see you there! We’ll have interactive stations throughout the stretch of Bonifacio High Street for the entire week 🙂 We’ll be there day and night! It’s absolutely free and open to the public so bring your friends and families too. WALKWAY is a non-denominational event, so whether you’re a Roman Catholic, a Buddhist, a Born-Again Christian, a Muslim, or if you are more comfortable living without the labels and would like to keep it simple…I’m positive you’ll find this experience interesting and moving. 

5 Responses to Thank someone who has changed your life.

  1. i was there last year. i even have a picture of the cross saved on my phone. it was really a different kind of concept and i felt good after contemplating on each stations. hope to see you this coming april Ü Regards!