Thank you Baked Bites

Muchas Gracias to Bettina Carlos of Baked Bites for sending a whole kaboodle of goodies for me and my students!!!:) Here are some snapshots with my “kids”. I learned so much from my students this semester!<3 I’m sure I will being seeing all of them on the telly soon!
Bettina has a whole list of items on the Baked Bites Facebook Page but if you ask me I LOOVVEEEEEE Bettina’s Nutella Rocks!!!!!!! No wonder this is an award winner! I am crying just thinking about it now!!! I could finish a dozen in one sitting. It’s the perfect ooey gooey treat especially when you’re PMSing like mad.:) A close second would be her super yummy brownies and a tie would be the Red Velvet cupcakes. 

I met Bettinna Carlos when we were both working as hosts in Studio 23. She was a budding actress at the time who was also pursuing her studies simultaneously. She definitely had the looks and charisma to command attention but she always remained very grounded and sensible. Now a mother to her little munchkin, Gummy, and a business savvy baker, it’s amazing to see her blossom into a full-fledged superwoman.  I asked her a bit about the Baked Bites history and here are some tidbits from her story.

How it all began

“The very first time I baked was in December of 2008. I got a baking book as a Birthday and Christmas present. The first item I made was a greek loaf bread. Praise God for a really good book, my first attempt was a success! So my whole baking was inspired by that single, simple dream of making my own bread from scratch. But it was only in 2011 that I finally made a business out of my baking. The whole period of December 2008-September 2011, I would consistently bake every week (often times everyday, the whole day when there’s a recipe I couldn’t perfect, I really wont stop until I get the result I want) and give it out to friends and family simply because I love feeding people. I get so much gratification from  seeing them devour something I made myself, and made with so much love. When I get asked on my secret or secret recipe , I just say it’s love. It’s all the love that goes with everything I bake. The best part is knowing I get to spread love in tangible, edible ways”

Happy Accidents

“I have something I call a happy accident. For some reason I am just a blessed baker. I rarely flop in the kitchen (not to brag). Maybe I only fail once or twice at most. But there are times when I think I’m gonna fail, but it turns out to be just another happy accident – because if it weren’t for that tiny “slip,” my items wouldn’t have turned out the way they did. For instance, I was supposed to bake a thousand Nutella Rocks for an event and on that day my only scooper broke. But guess what? Because it broke, I found a faster, easier and better way of making my Nutella Rocks. I couldn’t be any happier that my unica hija scooper broke! Haha!”

Words of Sweet Wisdom

To those aspiring bakers, you don’t have to go to a culinary school to learn or to be good at baking (I myself never went to one). All you need is a bowl, a wooden spoon, an accurate weighing scale, a baking book, a strong PASSION for baking and a lot of PRAYER. It’s that passion that will move you to learn and create and be good at baking and it is God who will give you the grace and the energy to pursue what your heart desires. It is God who will keep you and your business going and growing. “

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