Thank you Mango Red

After feeling the wrath of the Cumulonimbus clouds these past few days, a bit of sunshine came to my doorstep this morning. Ok fine, it was actually the emergency lamp—but the point is there was LIGHT shining on it with manong guard angels singing in the background! The Mango Red team sent us a surprise package: adorable his&hers tshirts AND a COFFEE TABLE BOOK with all our photos in it!!! *Insert Cartwheel Here* We don’t even have a coffee table, heck, we don’t even drink coffee!!! But damnit, sa sobrang tuwa ko, I think I will go out and buy a coffee table worthy of this Mango Red coffee table book todaaaayyyy!!! Ay may baha pa pala..RESET..I will go and buy a coffee table book TOMORROW!!! And I will put a coffee mug on the side just to make it legit! I’ll probably just fill it with Coke.
I’m more of a cheerful giver, but for this gift I was more than happy to take on the role of happy receiver! It takes a LOT to be NICE these days so when I encounter genuinely NICE people, I always choose to honor their kindness. So to the Mango Red boys and to your sweetheart, Chyv–thank you for blessing us with this beautiful book. Our loft was just a loft a few minutes ago, but because of this very personal piece of “furniture”–we can now call it a home. 
I realized three things today when I received this gift: 1)You can be super successful, big time, and still KIND to people. The Mango Red crew is booked solid until 2050–baka dumating na si Jesus and they’d still be covering weddings–but they always treat their clients well and take care of their couples. 2)Couples and Families should invest in good quality photographs. Pictures are priceless. 3) Ang pogi ng mapapangasawa kooooo!! Please refer to the photos below. Thank you again Mango Red!


9 Responses to Thank you Mango Red

  1. ang ganda Patty! Again congrats! I’m sure this album will be very useful! Your kids and grandkids will see how “sexy and gorgeous” their mom&dad/grandmom&grandad is 😀

  2. Too cute! Again, Congrats to The Pats! I’ve already seen and aoproved the tvc 30s. So excited to see it airing! Good job kayo pareho dun! 🙂

  3. WOOOOWWWWW!! very nice coffee table book, and may I just stress it out, ang gwapo nga ng mapapangasawa mo. hihi. Congrats THE PATS! You’re one of my favorite love team ♥