8 Responses to Thank you Phil. Daily Inquirer!

  1. Awww. What a great feature!
    So cute & inspiring!
    I hope to be happily engaged by the time I’m your age! LOL.
    Cheers to the both of you! ^_^

  2. you are such an inspiration! when i got to read your blog, i was amazed on how you kept your relationship happy and as easy as breathing. i wish you’ll have little pats soon! all the best!

  3. Sayang I didn’t know about this..I should have bought PDI over the weekend! my fave couple 😀 And great advices for everyone 🙂

    More power to the Pats! Thanks to both of you, Ms Patty and Mr Patrick, for replying to my tweet. You just made my day! (babaw mode..kakabasa ko lang eh) hahaha! but it’s true :p