Thank you Smart

Thank you so much Smart Live More Family for this Christmas gift!!!!
The awesome folks at SMART played Santa to me this Christmas—-I have the brand new Iphone 5!!!! Wooohooooo!!!!:) You can imagine me totally rubbing this in to my hubby—-I have a new IPHONE, and you DONT! Behhhhh I hate to sound materialistic—pero ANG COOL COOL ko na talaga ngayon dahil sa Smart Iphone na ‘to! Hahahaha!
I’m not a gadget person but maaaaaaaan, this phone is so purrrrteeee!!! It’s much lighter and sleeker than the Iphone 4s. So light in fact, I got so nervous holding it at first! And to think I have tiny hands, that’s how thin and sleek this phone is. Of course you all know the added features of this new Iphone so I won’t even attempt to speak techie to you. All I know is that it’s the best phone in the market and it’s now available in the Philippines!!!!:) You can get the Iphone 5 for free! Just check out Smart’s tempting  postpaid plans here
An added bonus also is the fact that I get to try the SMART network again. I’ve been on SMART for a few days only but so far, so good! The strong network coverage allows me to make clear calls (you can imagine how this could be such a relief!), surf the net (I can now blog on the road), and just maximize the features of my new phone! So thanks again to SMART for making this little girl sooooo HAPPY!!! 

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