The 5 Love Languages

Just after a few weeks of dating, Patrick’s sister in law Mic told us to take a LOVE test by Gary Chapman. It seemed absurd at that time, especially since we were still in the getting-to-know you phase. At first glance, we found it cheesy and corny. Who takes a test about love? Don’t you just love because you love?! Why must one “learn” the languages of love? I was thinking to myself, I bet it’s one of those weird SPAM tests you receive on Facebook “What kind of dog are you?” or “What 80’s movie are you?”. Yung mga walang kwentang tests that don’t hold any value at all. 
But Mic and Paul are so happily married and appear to have it all figured out, it just seemed like it was GOOD advice that we just couldn’t dismiss. Besides, in our hearts we both knew we were headed somewhere, so we took the test..just because we felt it was worth a shot. So we both agreed to do it on a lazy Saturday morning, he was at his house and I was at mine. We opened the test online (FOR SINGLES) and started clicking. Immediately after the test, we called each other up to reveal our results. And the results surprisingly gave an accurate description of how we are as individuals and how we are as a couple! We both scored highly in “QUALITY TIME” which was hilarious because my parents kept teasing that we were so inseparable at kulang nalang magtitigan contest kami dahil palagi kaming magkasama at magka-telebabad. Hahaha. 🙂 
For singles, I think it’s nice to understand your love language early on, it’ll give you a better idea of what type of person you should be looking for. For couples, you’ll find that a lot of misunderstandings arise because you are simply expressing love in different ways. Perhaps your boyfriend thinks that shopping for new clothes is his way of expressing his love for you, while you actually prefer receiving encouraging words rather than material gifts. When you understand each other’s language of love, it becomes easier to make adjustments and find that middle ground. It can also work for families and even friends 🙂 It takes a few minutes but it really works wonders. I’m no love guru, but I’m all for self-improvement so I say take the test and see where it takes you. Good luck kiddies!!!

You can find all these in the 5 Love Languages Website.
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  1. Hey Patty! I got a 1 for this back in College. And my classmate and I were the only who ones who aced our group project (simply because our passion for love exuded in our presentation).. I super learned a lot from this book. 🙂 -mai (