The Bali Weekender

For our third wedding anniversary, Patrick and I decided to celebrate it in the exact same place where we honeymooned back in 2012—BALI!:) This time, we invited two of our couple-friends The Kairuzes and The Davises to tag along and we all enjoyed our #MarriageFirst weekend together.

Ours was admittedly a very short trip, with practically only 2 full days in Bali. This was my first time to leave Theo so I wasn’t ready to commit to a longer trip just yet. I’m obviously still in my very clingy mommy phase! I was on full hagulgol mode on the plane watching his videos on my phone 10,000 times from take off to landing. The #Sepanx was all too real for me. Hehehe! Of course, our baby was clearly not feeling the same way—as he seemed to have such a grand time being spoiled with hugs and kisses by his grandparentals. My folks were so thrilled to have him and  kept saying “2 days only??! Make it a month!!!” 🙂 🙂 Although I missed my little bugoy so desperately–I’m still happy we made a conscious decision to go on this self-mandated #MarriageFirst weekend to celebrate our anniversary. I’ll be first to admit that it’s very easy to slip into full parent mode especially with a newborn. There’s just SO much to take in all at once, it becomes inevitable to forget everything else. My friend Cat Juan-Ledesma sent me a beautiful message that really hit the spot, she shared to me that the best gift we can give our children is a beautiful and strong marriage. SO TRUE. So yes, I pray that I can be more intentional about living out #MarriageFirst mantra every single day. Hay, I am still figuring this all out–but I do hope I will somehow be able to find a way to balance it all: my walk with the Lord, marriage, motherhood..and yes, even my career.*** It’s so much easier said than done!!! HOW?!?! HOW?!?! Mamas share your tips please!!! Hehehe!***

Since we had less than 48 hours in Bali, we decided to skip all the sightseeing (we pretty much covered all that back in 2012 anyway) and just make it a foodie trip instead. We visited our favorites, Potato Head Beach Club, Rock Bar in Ayana and Sardine but also added two new restos on our Bali list–Sarong and SeaCircus. It was a good mix Bali greats from high end to low end, casual chill to fine-dining, and outdoorsy 🙂 Here are some photos from our getaway!

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  1. Hi Patty! I really admire your fashion sense. You inspire me to look good even and especially as I became a wife and mom. Oh would you please consider having an OOTD or Fashion advice portion in your blog? Pretty pleeeease… 😀

  2. Hi Patty! I am a fan of your super chic fashion sense. You inspire me to look good – even (or especially) after becoming a wife and mom, which is a life season where many women take themselves for granted. Oh, won’t you consider adding an OOTD or maybe a Fashion Advice portion in your blog? Pretty pleeaaase.. God bless you and your family always! 😀

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