The Beauty of Community

There’s an old Irish expression that goes “In the shelter of each other, we will live” and this saying reminds me of the beauty of community, the gift of friendships, and how important it is to have a family. I recently did a photo shoot for Health Justice Philippines and they asked me “What do you think the world needs more of these days?”. And although it sounded like a beauty pageant question with the usual suspects: education, alleviation of poverty, and world peace sure to make their appearances..I found myself answering “We need a renewed sense of community”.

It sounds cheesy but it’s true, PEOPLE need PEOPLE. So surround yourself with GOOD people and be that GOOD person someone may be needing right now. It’s nice to step out of that ME world and start thinking of others around you. Start a conversation with your grandparents, have a little chat with your household help, take time to actually sit down and listen to a friend’s life story. Invest in someone outside of yourself. Take time to be a source of comfort and encouragement to another human being 🙂 You have the capacity to care, so use it. That’s the challenge for all of be a shelter for one another. Have a good Sunday y’all!!!

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