The Bloomsbury Set by Jo Malone

The new collection that’s sure to make us all go bonkers is THE BLOOMSBURY SET by Jo Malone. A word of caution to the die hard Jo Malone fanatics, you might want to start saving for this collection which launches this month. I have a feeling this set will sell out pretty fast, so you better act on it ASAP. Hahaha! Yes, I sound like a true enabler.

Appealing to the different characteristics of a woman—from graceful and poised to seductive and playful, the line carries 5 different scents that can be worn alone or even layered with each other. Like all Jo Malone scents, they are very versatile and never overpowering. The Jo Malone fan girl in me was so giddy to play with the different scents at last week’s launch. Of all the 5 though, I found myself leaning towards the WHISKY and CEDARWOOD scent (flirty with a naughty little secret, hehehe! WINK WINK to the hubby!) and the GARDEN LILIES scent (perfect for long days when you just want to feel cool and fresh—just like a garden lily floating in the pond!). Here are some photos from the stunningly styled tea party last week. Kudos to the team of JO MALONE Philippines for taking us all to Charleston! Thanks again for inviting the ladies of Baby Barangay.

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