The Bread Bag

Hello People of the Archipelago! Hola to all you bread lovers! There is no greater bread than THE ONE, THE ONLY, THE PAN DE SAL! Pan de Sal has been our household staple ever since I was born. Kapag walang pandesal sa bahay nag-wewelga ang mga tao dito. Think Gaston with the angry villagers in Beauty and the Beast—>>>>
Sorry innocent babies sucking from your mothers’ bossoms, I had to include you. We’re talking about PAN DE SAL here. If we were just fighting for mamon or some fancy focaccia, we would have given you a chance to live. Pero baby dudes, pan de sal yan eh.. I hope you understand. Imagine a week without pandesal??? Take my word for it, everytime I go on holiday’s death to my tastebuds going for weeks without my pande-love! If you are just as crazy about pan de sal, then I think you’ll drool over this place called the Bread Bag. All their pandesals are freshly baked in their own pugon so it comes to you in all it’s warm, crunchy meets mushy glory! I visited their branch in Ortigas Home Depot with my girlfriends and we went pande-crazy! 🙂
Isn’t it such a genius concept??? To have a whole meal in one giant pandesal? Instead of having a burger or your typical rice meal for lunch..why not treat yourself to a Pan de Plato? It’s actually a creative twist to your usual lutong bahay meals served with rice. My personal favorite is their Pan ala Cubana!!! YUMMY!!! Each serving is quite generous and will get you stuffed immediately. Here’s my secret strategy—get one order then have some dessert to take away the saltiness in your palate..then order another pandesal dish! Salty-Sweet-Salty–then Sweet again! 
Happy Pande-Loving!!!:)

Check out all their yummy pandesal combos that come with camote chips on the side! All their dishes are reasonably priced and won’t hurt your walleyyyy 🙂 If you live down South, you can always visit Casa Marcos in Burgos Circle, The Fort where you can find a Bread Bag branch on the first floor. 
Some photos were grabbed from the Bread Bag website.

5 Responses to The Bread Bag

  1. Speaking of pan de sal and home-cooked goodness–have you tried putting sisig in pandesal? It’s yummy too! 🙂 My friends and I tried it one night when there was nothing much to eat but a can of Purefoods sisig and a bag of pandesal after a long review session for the finals. 🙂

    Try it! 🙂

  2. Wow! They all look sooo yummy!
    I really LOL’d reading this cos I was breastfeeding Rocco when I read the part on Gaston! hahahaha!