The Bride with a Heart of Gold

For those who are new to my blog, a few months ago I decided to put my gown up for a silent auction to help the Typhoon Pablo victims in Mindanao (click HERE for the post). It was a very painful and hard decision to make and I’m sure the married ladies out there who have grown attached to their wedding gowns can totally relate. When I posted the details of the auction on the site, it was really my way of finally letting go of something very precious to me and trusting fully in God’s plan. 

I received hundreds of auction offers from generous, selfless and sweet brides-to-be from all around the world! The response was so overwhelming! For weeks, my inbox was filled with inspiring love stories–and for the experience of reading your kilig stories alone, sulit na sulit na yung auction para sa kin. I even got emails from the men, fathers of the bride and fiances (so sweet! Hooray for thoughtful guys! Yan ang tunay na lalaki!). Because of your response to my little request for help, I saw the Lord at work and I became a believer in the goodness of others all over again. So to all who participated in the auction, MARAMING SALAMAT!

Although many were eager to purchase the gown, I had to consider a lot of things like: 1)The FIT of the gown, I wanted to make sure that the bride would have similar measurements with me. It would be such a waste of the couple’s hard earned money if they would purchase a gown that was either too tight or too loose for the bride’s body. (It’s very important for a bride to feel comfortable in their wedding gown on her BIG DAY!) 2)The price point—since I wanted to be able to raise a good amount to help more people in Mindanao 3)More than the money, I wanted to focus more on the heart of the couple to help others. THIS WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR to consider for me. 

Before narrowing it down to my top choices, I really prayed and prayed and prayed even more. How I wish I had ten gowns to auction off, but I only had 1 gown—the most special gown of all, my own personal wedding gown so I needed to take my time in making this decision. Just as I was about to close the auction, an email from Alena popped up in my inbox. I read it and I just knew that this girl had a heart of gold and was the real deal. 

I will keep the amount confidential out of respect for Alena but let’s just say it was a substantial amount that really helped several families in our province and it was an amount that hurt  the couple’s pocket too, I can imagine. It was really a selfless sacrifice on their part, to give a chunk of their wedding budget to help others—people they have never even met, people they are not even related to. Alena said she just felt something stirring in her heart and that the Lord caused her to feel bothered enough to actually take a leap of faith. Thanks to Alena’s courage and faith, there are a lot of grateful Dabawenyos 🙂 I just know that God will bless this couple and will honor them for living a life for others. 

When Jasmine and Marge posted photos of Alena in the wedding gown, I was speechless. She wore it so well and made it her own, it was definitely made for her! And because this dress was a testament of her effortless grace and generosity, she even glowed ten times more! Ang ganda-ganda niya talaga 🙂 🙂 I could tell that the Rosa Clara gown was soooo happy and honored to be worn by this modern day princess! (yes, nakangiti talaga yung bulaklak sa side!)
It’s amazing how the Lord used this gown to bring out the kindness in Alena&Brian’s hearts and also in the hearts of my dear friends and SUPER WEDDING suppliers! I have 3 friends to thank for giving their services as gifts to help support my cause for Mindanao. 

My good friend from high school Tin Avena of Bunch O’Treats lovingly made special cake pops for the guests. Thank you Tin for making these yummy treats! 

And to give Alena that radiant glow for her big day, Jasmine Mendiola cleared her busy schedule to work her magic on Alena’s face! There are only a few people in the industry who subscribe to the “natural beauty” philosophy and Jasmine is definitely one of the leaders when it comes to making you look like you—only better! Does that even make sense? Trust me when she works on your face, you’ll get it. Hahaha! Thank you so much also to Marie Tan for working on Alena’s hair 🙂 🙂 I love you two!

And of course, allow me to give a big THANK YOU to one of my favorite couples in the planet RG& Marge Montemayor of Events by Marge  for being the official wedding organizers of Alena and Brian’s wedding ðŸ™‚ Thanks also to the sweet girls who helped Marge: Rachelle, Kaki, Kate and Angel. They poured their heart&soul into this wedding and I am confident that the Lord will bless this team even more! For the brides out there, if you are looking for an organizer who will really take care of your wedding as if it were her own—choose Events by Marge. She attends to her brides like they were her sisters. Pawis, Puyat at Pagmamahal talaga ang formula ni Marge for her weddings 🙂
Again, congratulations to Alena and Brian!!!!I am truly honored to be a part of your love story! May you continue to inspire others 🙂 So let’s fall in love all over again with these cute pictures from Alena and Brian’s wedding! Thank you JDG for Visionary Photography for these photos!:)

2 Responses to The Bride with a Heart of Gold

  1. Dear Patty,

    Salamat at pinaalala mo sa amin na ang relasyon ng tao sa mundo ay isang give and take realtionship. Alam ko na kahit hindi man lahat ay na iyo, ay napili mo pa ring magbigay at isipin ang ibang tao. You did inspire me to give more, hindi tayo dapat maging maramot. It is what Jesus teaches us. More power to you should you bless more with your kind heart.

  2. You never fail to inspire your readers, Ms. Patty. The radiance of your heart’s goodness and desires shines bright enough to give light to those who need it. May the LORD always shower you and your married life with HIS most abundant blessings. You are indeed sensitive enough to hear HIS voice and respond to it with undivided trust. Looking forward to read more of your inspiring blogs. Keep it up. To the blessed newlyweds: You have put a great foundation in your new journey as a couple. Surely, you will be steadfast enough to pass the test of time, by GOD’s grace. This will not be the last time the LORD will work mightily through you. Best wishes!