The Burger Project

I have mood-food swings. I literally wake up and have a set mood for the day. It ranges from “I want FISH BALLS now!” to something more specific like “I want Taro-Taro with extra pudding and sago and a waffle cheesedog !”on some days, I wake up with “I want a big fat juicy big ass BURGER!”..and that’s when Patrick gets a delirious and demanding text from me: “Bring me to Quezon City now!!! I want Burger Project!!!!” And since we’re Southerners, it’s no joke to travel all the way up’s literally a road trip for us. But because I love their burgers so much, the long commute always seems worth it. Last week, my friends and I all trekked to Maginhawa Street to have our burger pangs satisfied. It took us almost 2 hours in crazy rush hour traffic to travel from Makati to QC. As soon as we bit into our burgers, our hot heads soon cooled down. 
For Burger Project virgins, here are some tips: 1)Make sure you work up a good appetite! Their burgers are larger than life, so it might get a bit overwhelming for some. 2)Make sure you’ve got LOTS of need to chow down gracefully and within a healthy pace–death by burger might happen if you eat it in one sniff! 3) Bring your friends, it’s a great hangout place for barkadas 🙂
Unlike other designer burger joints in the city, The Burger Project allows you to BUILD your own burger. As soon as you enter, you’re given a simple checklist that gives you the freedom to design your own burger! Not only do you get the toppings you actually like, you get to budget your meal accordingly too! I think this is what makes The Burger Project special, each trip to TBP is unique because you can always try a new concoction!
Their side orders are quite filling too! I love their onion rings, mozarella sticks, and fries!!! And they’ve got yummy milkshakes too 🙂 Check out sweet couple, Amber and Marcus sharing their milkshake..awww..are we in the 1950s? Hahaha! Yup, that’s the same Amber in the video I posted earlier. 🙂

Personally, I like their oatmeal and potato buns best! They’re extra soft and makes your burger eating experience much easier!:) If you want to go for the more tried and tested burgers, they have a couple of designer burgers to choose from.

The happy gang:BUSOG at BUNDAT thanks to the Burger Project!:) 

122 Maginhawa, Teachers Vill, Quezon City.
Tel: 351-7474
Open Daily 11am-12mn.
Check out their Facebook page now!

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