The Countdown to MY NEW BLOG begins!

Photos by Katrina San Juan of Mayad Photography

It’s time to PARTYYYYYY!!! My new name should be Party Laurel-Filart! It’s what commonly appears on autocorrect anyway so I might as well own it, right?  Hahahaha!:) 🙂 I just got a text from Martine De Luna, she just told me that the blog development team will start to work their magic on my site in a few hours. I don’t exactly understand all the techie shizzzz..but whatever it is, I bet it will be awesome and I am so excited!!! This is it guys, my new blog is actually taking shape. It’s legit!!! The site will be under construction, so I hope you’ll bear with the little glitches and delays. I promise I’ll have new posts up again in a few days and the grand reveal of my brand spanking NEW BLOG will be on NOVEMBER 5!!! Thank you so much for your patience and for sharing my excitement. YOU guys are my inspiration and I really am so blessed to have such an amazing set of blog readers! Let’s do this!!!

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