The Daykeeper 2014

I’ve had this blog for several years now and it has been such a fulfilling experience documenting my life triumphs and trials in this little bit of cyberspace. It’s always nice to run through old entries to be reminded of the things I felt at certain point in time or to also see how much I’ve grown since then. Syempre may mga kababawan at kalokohan lang in between my more “serious” posts, which is just as meaningful for me. I’ve said this before, blogging is my therapy and happy outlet!:) 

Although I do understand that it is very important for me to be honest and transparent with you, my dear and loyal readers, I still do have a LOT of things that need personal reflection and prayers that I need to set aside for ME and only me. I have fears to overcome, dreams to continue dreaming, issues I have to reconcile with and make peace with, plans I need to align with God’s will (this is actually the very tricky part!) and of course a lot of little stuff in between. So when this gift came in the mail, it was definitely well received! It came in this handsome gift wrapping with “Patty You Are Beautiful” written on the tag—“naku, gusto ko na ‘to!”, I thought to myself hahahaha! This gift came from Kat of Mayad Studios, a girl who was very instrumental to me and Patrick at our wedding almost a year ago. (As you know, Mayad Studios was kind enough to keep a beautiful time capsule of a video for us!Hindi pa nauubos ang “Thank you”ko sa kanila!) 

The Daykeeper 2014 is not your average journal or daily planner. It has a bit more warmth than the standard ones you find in the bookstore. It’ll serve as YOUR own space, a place where you can doodle and scribble down your travel dreams, plot out simple and grand plans, express gratefulness for the little things, look back at past experiences with fondness and look forward to the future with fresh eyes, and strengthen your faith. I can’t wait to start tracking my days on this come January. It’s also a nice gift for like minded close friends and family members :)You could visit the Facebook Page for more details. 
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2 Responses to The Daykeeper 2014

  1. patty, you are really beautiful, inside out! Thank you soooo much for sharing your life with us. You’re such an inspiration! May God continue to bless you 🙂