The Daykeeper Launch

The Talented Miss San Juan launched The Daykeeper 2015 in Heima and I was there to celebrate along with my TSO girls/Saturdates, Bea and Kaki. Heima was filled with lots of Kat fans and supporters and it was a really great party vibe! I am a Heima fanatic, it’s my happy place and I love that they’re always changing things up. They’re always evolving design-wise, which makes it even more exciting for fans like me. The launch was held at the Brixton branch but you could also visit their cute store in LRI Makati.

Kat San Juan is responsible for two of my biggest milestones: 1)Kat and the Mayad team were the ones who shot our wedding video and 2) Kat shot the photos for this new blog!!! And to add to that, I’ve been using The Daykeeper 2014 all year–so I have her to thank too for giving me snippets of inspiration from January to December. Now that I have the 2015 edition, looks like I’ll be journeying with Kat for another year! The Daykeeper is filled with beautiful imagery, quotes, and other visual inspiration—it’s just what you need to set a positive tone for the year. Congratulations again to KAT!!! I am so proud of you and I know that the Lord will continue to use you to bring happiness and inspiration to others!

P1220807 P1220812

My pretty dates, Bea and Kaki. Bea and I got the polka dots memo. Hehehehe.


The Daykeeper has found it’s home in Heima Brixton. You can pick up a copy in one of their branches or you can also email for orders! Better hurry though, they have been selling like hotcakes.


Bea, Kaki, Me and the Star of the Night: Kat San Juan


Loving the festive vibe in Heima Brixton. I felt like one of the cool kids. Uhuh-uhuh.

P1220868 P1220884

I need this chair in my life!!! But Patrick has already begged me to keep things less girly at home. I can’t wait to move into a proper home so I can make one room a girly seafoam room! I’ll be back for you, chair. Hahahahaha!


With the awesome Mayad crew, they were a part of our wedding 2 years ago and I’ll always be grateful!!!

P1220871  Kaki is our resident giggle girl at the TSO office, her laughs are always so contagious!P1220881P1220885

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