The Fighter

To speed up my recovery (even by a decimeter) I’ve been advised to walk a bit more. Sounds easy enough right? WRONG. My slo-mo walking has become incredibly frustrating and a true test of patience. If a turtle mated with a snail and their offspring got together with a sloth, then their baby would be ME!!!! I’m not even joking. This is my karma for being a ninja walker all my life. Hahaha 🙂 I try to do several “walks” during the day–and by “walks” I mean walking around the dining table, walking from the sala to the kitchen, walking from the sofa to the banyo. Sometimes Patrick joins me and we hold hands and he says “Baby, let’s take a romantic stroll around the park”—meaning 5 baby steps. Hehehe! To make my short (and super slow) walks more exciting, I asked Pat to play some songs to give me a little emotional boost. Here’s today’s anthem!!! Feel na feel ko ako si Manny Pacquiao when he played this, I was even shadow boxing at some parts. Pat just kept laughing because I was moving like a slug pero may pasuntok-suntok effect pa ako! I was having a little Rocky moment this morning and looked like a buffoon! “Give me SCARS, give me PAIN, then they’ll say to me: THERE GOES THE FIGHTER!!!!!” 

8 Responses to The Fighter

  1. One big fight ate patty! God is always there for us. Praying for your fast recovery Para makapag-ninja walk ka na ulit. 🙂 God bless and continue to be a blessing to everyone 🙂


  2. Sis, you are indeed a fighter and I know what you mean about walking slowly! It is very difficult for someone as hyper as you! 🙂 Pero at least, I’m glad to know you’re safe and sound after the surgery! Thank God talaga 😀

  3. Hi Patty,

    Once again, you have lifted my self-esteem! Was feeling a little down lately because of some huge changes in my body due to pregnancy. But hey… this one made me feel really good about myself.

    Congratulations by the way for your safe surgery. Time for your fast recovery.

    God Bless!

  4. Hi Patty!:) I’m praying for your fast recovery. In no time you’ll do your ninja moves again. God bless you even more for always inspiring us!:)

  5. Hello Patty! I know how you feel. We got married in November 2011 and then by February, I got injured. I was also told that if I walk more, my knees would heal faster. I couldn’t even carry my laptop or bag because my knees could feel the weight and I can only do baby steps. Even the walk towards the bathroom was such a big deal. Anyway, hang in there, the good news is (no matter how cliche,) the only permanent thing is change. You’ll be back to your regular walking pace in no time 🙂