The Fireplace at Hyatt Manila

Last Friday we celebrated our BF-GF anniversary..I know it sounds cheesy to be celebrating every frickin’ occasion even if you’re already married, but that’s how we roll (or at least how I roll and my husband just gives in to my little whims). We really had nothing planned for Friday so when we got an invitation from Hyatt Manila to check out The Fireplace, we couldn’t say NO! It was divine intervention I tell you!:) God saved my husband from the headache of planning a romantic dinner for his matampuhin misis. Hahaha! 

It was a bit of a drive and we were 45 minutes late because we did not anticipate the heavy traffic along Roxas Blvd. Patrick and I are always early birds, even if we try to be late we are always the first to arrive! Hahaha! So being late for this dinner was a FIRST! hahaha!:) Thankfully, the staff was still very welcoming and forgiving of our tardiness and we were escorted to our romantic little spot in the restaurant.
“This fine dining, upscale grill room offering perfectly cooked prime meats and seafood showcasing culinary excellence and offers an interactive dining experience that is unique to a 5-star hotel in the Philippines.” Although it’s known for its steaks and grilled seafood, they also serve vegetarian dishes for those who would like to eat something lighter. Now if you’re a wine lover (and not a fighter) then you’ll be impressed by their selection too!  “Discover a fine wine library with a vast selection of European and New World wines, where a relaxed, sophisticated atmosphere, matched with excellent cuisine, provides a dining experience like no other – set amidst a luxury hotel in Manila Bay.”
Since we were first timers, we asked for recommendations from our pleasant waiters. They were very patient with us, answering our questions very enthusiastically 🙂 Before our salad came we had the complimentary walnut bread—-this alone made me soooo happy! It was fresh from the oven, chewy and nutty. For starters, we had their best selling Millionaire’s Salad (a medley of prawns, scallops, and foie gras that melts in your mouth!!!) and for our main course Patrick had Australian Wagyu Steak and I had a GINORMOUS LOBSTER, it was as big as Patrick’s two feet! hahaha! The last time I had lobster was in Malaysia over a year ago so when the waiters alerted me to it, my low EQ self said “I’m having LOBSTER!” without even a moment’s hesitation. As soon as it arrived at our table, I wanted to cry. I took my first bite and I could hear angels singing in the background!!!!!! The superstars were complimented with fabulous side dishes: potato gratin, mashed potato with truffle oil (my favorite!!!!), and portobello mushrooms. And of course for dessert, we ordered the famous chocolate soup with ice cream. Love!!!

To this day, even after the dozens of restaurants we’ve been to together, we ALWAYS feel so nervous and excited to eat at a fancy & sophisticated place! Patrick and I are very low key, we could have tortang talong for dinner and put 3 michelin stars on it! Hahaha! But when you eat at an EXCELLENT restaurant like The Fireplace, you completely understand how this could justify the splurge. The meals are NOT cheap, yes. But are they worth every penny? I would like to say YES to that too. Not to belittle your good old home cooked meals, but when you eat at a 5 star restaurant you just know that the ingredients they used are not the ones you’d find in your humble pantry. I can imagine even their salt is flown in from abroad! Hahaha! So today, I would like to share this luxury gastronomical experience with you too! 

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6 Responses to The Fireplace at Hyatt Manila

  1. hi patty! love is always a good excuse to celebrate. my husband and i have been married for four months now and we still celebrate our bf-gf monthsary. we turned 141 months this month. cheers to love! 🙂

  2. aww too bad i just saw your post. sayang its our 5th wedding anniversary pa naman ng husband ko and my 34th birthday. sobra bc sa work and sa baby namin. anyway dun pa lang sa pics nabusog na ako. love ko din lobsters. more power!!!!