The Green Grocer

I love fruits! Fruits are friends. I could eat fruits all day, everyday! Lychees, pineapples, apples, grapes, and of course my favorite MANGO BANGOS!! Veggies, well, that’s another story. My relationship with vegetables feels like a fixed know, something against your will but Mom and Dad thinks it’s what’s good for your future. Hahaha! I remember as a child, I used to cry at the dinner table when my mom would force me to finish my veggies..I would wail like I was being tortured in Guantanamo Bay! May drama line pa ako na paulit-ulit: “I can’t help it if God made my taste buds like this..they just hate vegetables! I can’t do anything about it!” Well I don’t like raw tomatoes, blehk! But other vegetables are much easier for me to digest. I’ve been trying to incorporate more gulay into my diet these past few’s a struggle but I know it’s good for me!:)

A few months ago I discovered The Green Grocer, the brainchild of my friend Nikki Herrera-Bharwani. It’s a special home delivery service. They bring your favorite fruits, vegetables, and other products fresh right at your doorstep! Alleluia indeed for busy bees like me! It’s a classy, healthy, online palengke!:) It’s marketing made easy. It started as a very personal project for Nikki and after getting rave reviews from friends, it became an all out biz!

“I had a medical crisis last year battling cancer. I was already a young, somewhat healthy eater living an active lifestyle (daily gym regimen with twice-a-week pilates classes at that!), so you can imagine my shock when I was diagnosed with the big C. I turned to green shakes and veggies with a vengeance after my chemo treatment. Because my mom was into vegetable trading, I researched on where to find the freshest produce so that I could get them for myself. You cannot believe the HUGE DIFFERENCE vegetables taste when they have just been harvested, as against gulay we normally buy in the grocery. It felt like I had discovered something groundbreaking with no one to share it with. Admittedly, it was also such a painstaking experience to go through all the hard work of buying fresh gulay just for my household. I decided to offer produce to some of my friends which I would deliver to them. As you can tell, one thing led to another, and The Green Grocer was born!” 
Nikki with hubby Bebo and their adorable pups.

“We like to incorporate items in our product list that my husband and I have tried and enjoy. We feel it’s easier to push products we personally believe in.”

Nikki knows her shizz! Sometimes she even texts me just to give me tips on how to store the fruits properly, how many days to wait for them to ripen, and she even shares simple recipes for me to try! A lot have tried to copy Nikki’s original idea but I can personally vouch for The Green Grocer because they really have strict quality control. If you’re like me and are quite discriminating when it comes to the freshness and quality of your fruits and veggies, the Green Grocer will certainly not disappoint. Plus their prices are hard to beat, very reasonable! 🙂

As Nikki shares, “We partner with a few farms in Tagaytay who harvest the produce for us right upon order. Unlike vegetables at the grocery that have been sitting there for days (or worse, a week! Yes, sadly it’s true), our veggies get to our customers fresh because it’s only been hours since its harvest. Lettuce is at its crispest (is there such a word? :) and tomatoes last forever! Haha, I joke, but they do last a whole lot longer. For veggies that do not grow in Tagaytay, we have produce partners in Baguio as well that supply us.”

Aside from plant based products, they offer lots of other goodies too! They have Chef Neil Ramos’ famous gourmet bagoong which goes perfectly with their Cambodian mangoes. They also sell red mountain rice and coffee, which are both proudly organic. But my personal fave is the Delimondo line..they have the best sausages and corned beef! SARAP!! Ayyy, meat lovers delight talaga!:) Bigla akong nagutom just typing the word DELIMONDO. hahaha 🙂 Now that I made all your mouths water, it’s time to leave my site and check out the Green Grocer! I hear close sila ni Ryan Reynolds, you know…The Green Grocer, The Green not quite? How about The Green Archers? Hindi pa rin?! Aww man, I tried. I’m losing my mojo! *Teardrop rolling down my smoother than a baby’s bottom right cheek*

 The Green Grocer
Text 0918 959 4220
Call 552-2574

2 Responses to The Green Grocer

  1. i wish there were somethings like these here… life in the provinces starting to be hectic too…

  2. i enjoyed reading this post and the best part was linking The Green Grocer with The Green Lantern and The Green Archers! bwahahaha! ang corny pero solid nakakatawa! sumobra na siya dun sa corny limit kaya naging DOWNRIGHT FUNNY! hahaha! i really admire your play of words Patty 🙂