The Happy Healthy Foodie Project

“I’m SKINNY FAT!” is what my friend Nicole sent me over BBM while we were chatting one day. It was the most hilarious and absurd statement I ever heard and I just let out a big “LOL!!!”. One look at Nicole Hernandez and you know that this woman is just blessed with good genes. She appeared in dozens of magazine covers and commercials to prove it! Trust me, the word FAT is nowhere near this girl! But after giving it much thought, I realized that she did have a point. Being healthy is really beyond the outside appearance. Sure, you could look “skinny” or “sexy” or “thin”..but are you HEALTHY??? What started as two girls rambling about our PMSing woes, food cravings, and Hollywood celebrity “pegs” soon developed into something more serious. We started to open up to one another about our health concerns.
Nicole, who just recently married her dream guy Jaime, is also busy as a bridal wear consultant for an International Fashion Brand. If my schedule is a unpredictable, hers is even more stressful and demanding. So demanding in fact, that she barely has time to cook proper meals leaving her no choice but to just eat whatever is convenient and readily available. This has left her feeling more bleh-blah and not in the tip-top form that she used to be in. I guess for most people our age, this is something very common. Being healthy seems like such a luxury, something just for those who are blessed with lots of time and lots of money. Parang napaka-sosyal maging “HEALTHY” nowadays. When you’re swamped with work and errands left and right, your health loses it’s spot on the priority list. 
As you all know, I’m not really a health buff. When it comes to eating, I’m quite irresponsible with my intake. I eat whatever I want, whenever I want. All my life, I’ve been able to get away with it. I’ve always felt a superwoman with a super stomach, able to digest anything and everything! Parang may built in heavy duty garbage disposal yung tiyan ko! Every time my friends would nag me about my eating habits, I’d just roll my eyes at them or make up some excuse. Some people are addicted to drugs, alcohol, or gambling..I’m addicted to sweets and junk food. I never saw the point of dieting or healthy eating because I knew I could never ever be super skinny anyway and even if I could be, it was never something that appealed to me. I’ve got my boobies and some jiggles here and there..generally, I’ve been very happy with my curvy body type. 
Lately however, my body has been suffering because of my poor food choices. Although I haven’t gained much weight, there’s an overwhelming feeling of lethargy. I just feel heavier and slower than usual. And my mood swings have become much worse (Go ask my poor boyfriend).. I’m always so dependent on chocolates and it’s not even funny anymore (especially since diabetes runs on both sides of my family)! It was time for a wake up call..I needed to tweak my lifestyle. One thing that really motivated me to change my bad habits was when I realized that my health would greatly affect my future children’s health too..I want to be fit for my kids. It may be a few years down the road still..but I have to stay proactive about this. If I continue eating the way I do, I may not live long enough to see my kids graduate from college! Huhuhuhu. 🙁
Nicole and I even have our official hot mama peg and that’s Amanda Griffin-Jacob. She reinvented herself when she reached 30, adapting a completely healthy lifestyle which explains why she was uber HOT when she got preggers and even hotter after! Of course, she’s a model and it may be hard to aspire for that level of hotness..but she takes care of herself (physically, emotionally, and mentally) and that’s always important for any woman in any shape, size, or age. You have to be kind to yourself. Check out her blog here 🙂  
So after exchanging bbms and tweets for a couple of days, Nicole and I decided that we needed to DO something about our situation. No more excuses, no more dilly-dallying. We researched extensively online for healthy eating programs but were disappointed that everything available in the market was just for fad diets. Both Nicole and I are not really fans of diet crazes and quick fixes. We wanted to go beyond just weight loss, we were more focused on creating a sustainable and simple lifestyle change. Our main goals are: 1) to maintain a healthy weight 2) make our minds sharper and bodies stronger 3) keep our organs in shape 4) to just feel GOOD in general. It sounds very basic and common sensical..but you’ll be surprised that most people (like me) take these things for granted. 
Luckily, we found all that we needed in the NUIU website. The program seemed like a good fit for me and Nicole, something for us to adapt gradually and organically. I didn’t want to “go on a diet” and feel deprived for the rest of my life..and not be able to INDULGE! O nga, magiging sexy ka nga pero ang lungkot naman ng buhay mo nun! I LOVE FOOD TOO MUCH!!! I wanted to still enjoy eating because it’s one of my life’s greatest joys!!! Since the NUIU program is very flexible, it allows us to still eat out with friends and continue enjoying some treats here and there. The whole thrust of the NUIU program is to create a sound eating plan, to get a balanced meal and to make sure that you get all the nutrients you need in a day. Instead of cutting down on certain food groups, it actually encourages you to add nutrients into your daily intake. Many make the mistake of starving themselves to death, this is just as bad as binge-eating. Eating too little and eating too much are equally detrimental to your health. Balanced nutrition is key! Nakanaman!!! Convincing na ba ako?!?! Just a week ago, I was eating chips and choco-mallows and now I’m such a healthy poser! Hahahaha. But seriously, I’ve been living in denial for too’s time for me to start being kind to my bodeeeeeyyyy!!
After meeting with the NUIU team, we signed up for a 30 day program. The first step: Nicole and I had individual assessments with professional nutritionist Ara. We were quite shocked with the results! I’d like to keep those numbers let’s just say, hmmm..they’re quite far from the level of fitness we’re supposed to be at! Ay, patay tayo diyan! In English: Oh no, we’re dead over there! HAHA!
So this, my friends, is where both Nicole and I are at right now. This is WEEK ONE of our Happy, Healthy, Foodie Project. A little life project by two girlfriends with realistic goals in mind. I’m actually glad that I’ll be doing it with Nicole, it feels good to have someone going through the same life change too! We exchange texts throughout the day to cheer each other on, which really helps a lot! The weekend before we started, we both went on a food binge (as clearly evidenced by my recent dessert post!hahaha)..sort of our last hurrah before stepping into the ZONE. I’m nervous, anxious, but also excited for this big adjustment. But so far, this week has been manageable. I still desperately crave for the bad stuff..and I’m sure I’ll be able to enjoy them still but now it just has to be in moderation. 🙂 
We want to share our new foodie adventure with all of you (especially those who may be going through something similar) so we will be posting our weekly food journal every Saturday on this blog. This week’s menu was very varied, with different flavors and textures! Here are our top picks…

Our meal plans are prepared by the Certified Nutritionists of Nuiu Life Cuisine.

If you’d like to avail of their special packages, simply text +63.917.528.3283 so the nutritionists of NUIU can prepare a program similar to our Happy, Healthy Foodie Project as seen on this blog! 🙂

5 Responses to The Happy Healthy Foodie Project

  1. Patty! This is coming at a totally perfect time! I was just thinking the same thing about my “skinny fat” self! Hahaha! And like you, I’m afraid I’m addicted to sweets and junk food! Totally! With me, I think it’s always been an issue of discipline (or lack thereof) and the fact that I inherited my mom’s genes – no matter how much we eat we just don’t really get fat. But still! I wonder what my insides look like. So… a few days ago I resolved to make a change. (Then again as I type this I’m staring at my fridge full of chocolates in all shapes and sizes and textures… Yikes!!! Take them away! Take them away! Hahaha!) Seriously though… thanks for sharing about this new project of yours. I’m all the more encouraged!

  2. OMG. I wholeheartedly believe this was meant for me to see. I’m such an unhealthy food-binger too! I love food too much and buti I’m not overweight but I feel so unhealthy sometimes! I really have to check this out.

  3. Hey Denise! I can relate!!! It’s a BIG struggle (Go ask Dani, she knows all my diet woes!haha) to be more conscious of my food intake especially since im so used to eating with a “just because i like it”’s hard to shift talaga to eating with a “it’s good for me” mentality!!! Lets pray for each other! Hahahahaha!!! Seriously, I really asked God to help me cos I know it’s gonna be really hard!!!:p

    Manila Girl–Yes, do try the NUIU’s a good jumpstart 🙂

  4. Hey Patty, came across your blog in the nuffnang website. And I loved reading this particular entry. I know a lot of people who are obsessed with losing weight and being skinny, but they don’t do anything about their lifestyle and eating habits and just go on weird crazy diets. I’m not exactly the healthiest person, but I’m lucky that I have a boyfriend who’s committed to living healthier so he rubs off on me! But simple changes like eating more fruits and veggies, exercising regularly, and weaning out processed, preserved, fried and sugary foods make a big difference. My friends tell me I’ve lost so much weight, but I’ve never done anything drastic, just made a conscious effort to do the things I mentioned above. And while I indulge in sweets and calorific foods every now and then (actually, I’m a very big eater!), there are some things I try to do daily:

    1) Drinking a glass of lemon water with psyllium husk, washed down with another glass of water every morning when I wake up, then waiting an hour before eating. There are a lot of benefits to drinking lemon water, such as digestion, detoxification, immunization, and the list goes on. Maasim lang talaga but sanayan lang.

    2) Fruit smoothie for breakfast. I use five different fruits in my smoothie, and just blend them with homemade kefir, a fermented milk product that’s supposedly better than yogurt in maintaing a healthy digestive environment. A guy in the Salcedo Market sells kefir, but I make them at home using a culture that we brought in from Canada so it’s more fresh.

    Sometimes nakakatamad to do all of these, but anything worth doing is worth doing well and takes effort and dedication, so I stick to this regimen as much as I can.

    Naintriga ako sa NUIU. Will check it out!