The Italian Market

To celebrate my parents-in-laws’ wedding anniversary, we had a lovely family dinner at the newly opened THE ITALIAN RESTAURANT at Newport Mall, Resorts World. This is another promising venture by the Murray’s New Orleans group. I actually hesitated a bit before going through all these photos because it’s making me feel sooooo miserable right now!!!! I am salivating over these images and torturing myself trying to recall how wonderful they tasted. How I wish I could just rewind to last night and eat all of these dishes AGAIN. Woe is me! Huhuhuhu. The food was fantastic from start to finish, we didn’t encounter any so-so dishes in this powerhouse menu by Chef Peter Ayson. The prices are also not bad too considering the types of high quality ingredients that go into each dish and the generous serving sizes. It’s a family-friendly restaurant that promises  thoughtful and tasty food. I was really impressed by all the dishes Chef Peter prepared but just in case you guys need a point of reference for your first visit, here are my top SEVEN PICKS from last night’s dinner 🙂

1. Lobster Mac and Cheese

Ay caramba. Ito na ang bagong paglilihian ko, napakasarap! I know it’s supposed to be a “kiddie dish” but I really feel that this could stand as one of their superstar dishes. You have the oooeeyyyy gooney cheese, al dente macaroni with generous chunks of lobster on top! I WANT THIS NOW.

2. Buttermilk and Parmesan Calamari

A very strong starter. Sure, there are a lot of restaurants that serve calamari and yeah, it’s nothing really new—but this was a sure hit for all of us. Tasty and chewy with just the right amount of crunch, a crowd pleaser.

3. Cheese Pizza

I didn’t get to taste this because my family inhaled it while I was taking photos!!!! SADNESS! The pizza plate was empty within seconds and everyone was raving about it endlessly. I will be back for you!

4. Rib Eye Stroganoff

Another Filart favorite, the men especially loved this meat heavy dish. Rib eye strips cooked to perfection paired with pasta—a winner!!!

5. Pit Fire Porchetta

Not exactly the healthiest dish on the menu but definitely one of the tastiest! This Porchetta is for those with a BIG appetite and want a proper meal 🙂

6. Foie Gras and Truffle Honey Pizza

I love foie gras (although I’ve been avoiding it for now–just to be safe during my pregnancy) so this is by default a pizza I would immediately fall in love with. And since it comes with truffle honey and cheese, it just made it even more enticing to me.

7. Cannoli 

I’ll be honest with you I’m not much of a cannoli fan. I never really hated it but I never craved for it either. This Cannoli changed my preconceived notions and turned me into a believer. Crispy on the outside and creamy inside, perfect balance of textures and flavors. YUM YUM!

So feel free to scroll down to see the photos from our family dinner 🙂 Again, thank you to Chef Peter and to the very attentive and cheerful staff of The Italian Market! We have found a new favorite in Newport Mall! YEYYYY!!!
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