The Launch of #NikkiGilDotCom


My darling friend, Nikki, celebrated the launch of her new online home: last month at ARUGA by Rockwell in Makati. With the powerhouse tandem of Marge Montemayor of Events By Marge  and Kaye Cunanan-Gonzales the woman behind K by Cunanan, Nikki hosted a chic Scandi-themed tea party for her closest girlfriends and loved ones.

It was so darn pretty, I wanted to cryyyy!!! It was THAT kind of party. You know the one that you desperately want to get invited to and when you DO get invited, you try to be all “Oh yeah I’m really cool, thanks for inviting” but you’re actually Mayon volcano-ing on the inside sa sobrang saya na naimbita ka! Hahahaha! Man, that was the longest run-on sentence in the history of sentences. My English teacher would be disappointed. I blame the C-section anesthesia. My brain is now mangled but at least my corniness is intact. Phew.

I will leave you with these beautiful images by Cherryblocks and stop typing now…because 1) My baby just sneezed and now I have wet rice on my hair, thanks love! You’re the best! and 2) I want to ask you all to hop on over to NOW. As in NOW NA!!!! I mean at least have the decency to finish the next two paragraphs! Patience, people!!! Hahaha!

She wrote a really nice entry about this launch and it would be more meaningful if you could hear it from the lady herself. And while you’re at it, please do read her other entries as well. This lit major writes so effortlessly, it’s such a breeze to go through her entries! My only complaint: BITIN!!! We want more! Post more, please!!! Hahaha!:) 🙂 Again, congrashumalashuns to you NIKKI!!! I just know that the Lord has amazing plans for you and your new baby—BLOG. You will use this platform to touch thousands, even millions. I’ll always be your friend and fan. Love you, nikkeeeehhh!

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