The Laurels in Paris



Bonjour!!!! We are now in Paris!! 🙂 After a week of shuffling with the baby in Stockholm, (yep, just the 3 of us!) we are finally reunited with my parents and my sister’s family. Hooraaaay! This summer is a double celebration for our family: 1)We are celebrating Theo’s first birthday!!! He’s turning ONE in a weeeeeek! I can’t believe it!!! 2) My dad has retired and is ready for all the new adventures the Lord has in store for him. He has worked so hard all his life and God has been so faithful indeed! We are so excited for him and we know that Jesus will use him in so many ways. So there’s a LOT for our family to be grateful for and I’m so glad we were able to score some solid promo fares for us to be able to be together this summer.

Back in 2014, my folks gifted us with a special tour with LOCALERS PARIS and it was definitely one of the most memorable tours Patrick and I have ever been on. (Click for my old post here to learn more!) To this day, we have photographs from that particular session mounted on our walls and it always gets lots of “oohs and ahhs” from guests who visit our humble abode. So when we were planning to meet up with my folks and sister’s family in Paris this year, the first thing that was on the agenda was to book another session with LOCALERS. I emailed Lucy straight away and as always, she was very sweet and made arrangements for our family in an instant. It’s always a breeze booking with this group. The whole process is very secure and how can you NOT love their adorable website 🙂

And lucky us, because we got to work with the uber-talented ULA (also known as Mabel) once again for this family shoot. She was our guide 2 years ago and so it was great to see her again this year. She looks like a model straight from the runway and takes amazing photos. Today was exceptionally hot (for Paris standards!) and we had 3 babies in prams and it was a bit of a riot (and by bit, I mean R-I-O-T) and yet she was so patient with our family and managed to take these precious photos. No editing, just straight from her camera to the SD card and to my laptop. I don’t know how she did it but she made us actually look fresh, calm and composed in the photos. She’s a miracle worker! So for all the parents out there who are planning a trip with your kiddos, if you want to look more than just decent— if you want to actually look HAPPY then you know who to look for. Hahaha! Just message the Localers team and tell them Patty sent you, they’ll take good care of you for sure! I’ve got you covered, hehe 🙂 🙂 So enough blabbing from my end, here are the photos from today’s very casual shoot around Paris. Thanks again Localers for these beautiful photos! AND: Good news for all my readers! You can get 10% OFF on ALL LOCALERS TOURS! That’s right, just type in PATTY10 in the promo code box when completing your booking and you automatically get a discount on ANY tour you select on the website so visit now.

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  1. Hi Patty! You’re family session looks great! Any tips/suggestion on how you set aside for your trips? Maybe a percentage of how much you allot for traveling? It would really help a family like ours who has been itching to start traveling. God bless you!

  2. Congrats to your dad, Patty and of course advanced Happy Birthday to the cute and healthy Theo!

    Buti na lang inabot nyo ang magandang weather sa Paris. Until two days ago, maulan at malamig. Napansin nyo ba yung restaurant na Clasico Argentino malapit sa Jardin de Luxembourg? Malapit doon mismo sa exit kung nasaan yung Café Angelina, masarap at authentic ang argentinian empanadas doon! May alfajor pa!

    Oh, and maybe alam na ito ng sister mo, but I believe there are lots of things going on at Jardin d’Acclimatation (Metro line 1) for kids and kids at heart!

    Enjoy Paris!

  3. Nice photos miss patty! Theo is soooo cute even if he is still with laway and all! Such a happy trooper! 🙂

  4. Miss Patty, we have an upcoming trip to Paris in July for our 5th wedding anniv! Thanks so much for this, planning to book a sesh, ourselves! Just a question, what was this? Is this a walking tour? Where? Because when I go to their site there are so many to choose from! 😁 Thanks! – Queenie

    • This is the Lifestyle Photo Session–it’s a walking tour and photo session in one! 🙂 🙂 Make sure you ask for Ula! It’s perfect for your anniv! Hope you enjoy!!!

  5. Happy birthday to Theo and happy retirement to your Dad. Such a good-looking family. Such a good looking family!

  6. love this! were going to paris as a family this sept. two young parents and 14 month old baby!! waaah! waiting for your travel blog about theo’s plane experience. pls share tips! thanks 🙂

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