The Lion King in The Lion City

Hi Friends! I’m blogging from Sunny Singapore!:) I’ll be here for a few days with my fellow SVP Champions to support the Shell-Ferrari team at the F1 Night Race! I’ll be heading to the paddock in a bit, but before I do..I wanted to share a few tidbits from my fun musical evening with my brotha from anotha motha, Jinno Rufino. I love musicals, I love broadway! My favorites: Avenue Q in New York and Starlight Express and Les Miserables in London. Well, technically, I didnt really get to watch Les Mis..because we were in the cheapest (and impossibly high seats..tipong may binoculars kaming ginamit, ganun ka-taas at walang kwenta) that I ended up seeing the people hanging out backstage and got distracted throughout the show! haha!:) But I must say, The Lion King blew me away! It was ten times more spectacular than I expected. I was a big fan of the Disney movie..I even had a little crush on Simba as a kid. Twisted, I know. But he was a pogi lion, that sexy mane, ohhhh wooow. The Lion King musical is probably the most elaborate musical in terms of props, costumes, lights, set design, and even choreography! We weren’t allowed to take photos inside but luckily I was able to grab some photos from the web, along with this video. So here’s a little snippet from The Lion King…

3 Responses to The Lion King in The Lion City

  1. Hi Patty! I’m Kaye. 😀 I’ve been your reader of almost 2 years now. (yes, even before this blog. hehhehe) Thank you for sharing this video, I was on the verge of tears remebering the countless times I played this on our VCD player. I was never a fan of Disney movies even as a child, but Beauty and the Beast and especially The Lion King is an exception. Thank you, thank you!
    This will send me to bed smiling and I had a crush on Simba too! (weird) Thank you for sharing a part of life, you are very inspiring and beeyuuutiffuuulll!!! ^___^