The Little and The Not-so-Little People

“Children are awesome! I love how they are so carefree, adventurous, expressive and creative. They find joy and magic in all they do and i love being able to capture their outlook on life and seeing the world through their eyes.”- Krissy Rodriguez

With so many artsy-fartsy photographs in cyberspace– all pretentious with heavy pouts and darting emo looks, it’s such a relief to find photos like these…HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY PHOTOS!!! For a while, I was starting to worry. I kept seeing all these prenuptial photos of overly-styled couples in heavy makeup and funky clothes they obviously would never ever wear on a regular day..posing painfully seductive and trying to be edgy in an uncomfortable way for the camera. May mga shades-shades at popped collars pang nalalaman! Hahaha! Parang galit na galit sila sa pag-ibig! I felt really sad for a millisecond and said to myself, “Aww shucks, di na ba uso ang masaya ngayon? Is it a crime to smile when you’re in LOVE???” It’s like each photo screams “I’m too cool for love, y’all!” or “Cool dudes like us don’t smile..because we’re cool..and smiling is like you know..umm..uncool!” MWAHAHAHAHA! Thank you Lord for photographers like Krissy Rodriguez whose main mission in life is to spread the LURVE through photography. And just like me, Krissy is a genuine SMILE ADVOCATE too as evidenced in her photos! People..That’s why we brush our teeth, so we have a nice pearly white smile to flaunt!!! That and bad breath is so not in fashion. 

What sets Krissy apart from all the photographers I’ve encountered is that she creates a whimsical environment for her subjects to become lifelike characters in a story. It’s like each photograph is a marriage of reality and fantasy, wherein real emotions of love, happiness, and KILIG between family members are captured and set against a magical backdrop. She works closely with each client, asking them what their personal hobbies and interests are, what makes their family unique, their children’s favorite books and cartoon characters.  As Krissy shares, “I try to come up with ideas that capture the heart of childhood. Whether it’s an adventure with pirates and indians or even a princess fairytale…the concepts and ideas are endless as kids always inspire me!” Drawing inspiration from her own family, especially her father who lovingly snapped photos of their special bonding moments throughout the years, Krissy was encouraged to take her little hobby and transform it into a serious passion and service to bring families closer together through these simple yet powerful pictures. 
Krissy shoots in a very flexible manner, making sure that her clients are in their most comfortable state. She can set up the pictorial at the comfort of your own home or in a venue that’s close to your heart, she can also help recommend alternative venues depending on the theme you have in mind. Her pictorial packages are reasonably priced considering this includes her transportation costs, props, custom hands-on processing of all final images, and online gallery of photos to share to your friends and family. Shoots are usually 1-2 hours long (She can adjust for younger children of course who may get fuzzy after a few minutes). She also provides different lifestyle pieces which are perfect as home decors and gifts (large photo canvass, life books, memo pads, planners, etc).

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3 Responses to The Little and The Not-so-Little People

  1. I can really relate to the photographer because I have my one and only niece Lila who makes me want to say the same thing she said: “Children are awesome! I love how they are so carefree, adventurous, expressive and creative. They find joy and magic in all they do and I love being able to capture their outlook on life and seeing the world through their eyes.”

    Entry sent! *fingers crossed* 🙂