The Martins, The Bharwanis, and The Pats at THE SPA

Last week, I received an invitation from THE SPA to try out their new services at the Acropolis branch. So I decided to make it a triple date with our two couple friends: The Martins and The Bharwanis. After attending our service at Church Simplified, we grabbed a quick bite at Bon Chon (my favorite Korean fast food joint!!!) then headed straight to The Spa. 
It’s no secret that Pat and I can’t wait to get married!!! I remember when we were trying to secure a wedding date, the idea of having it next summer came up and Patrick was shaking his head and said, “Nooooo!!! That’s too far away!!!”. Of course he was serious but I found it so endearing it made me giggle! To feel that your man WANTS to marry you because he just wants to (as opposed to just marrying you out of convenience, obligation or expectation) brings so much peace to a girl’s heart. More than the wedding itself, we’re more excited about MARRIAGE. It feels like the thrill of graduating from high school and picking which course to take for college—times ten! It’s something completely foreign, something you are so inexperienced for, yet so enthusiastic about! Marriage can be only two things: 1)It could be the start of a grand adventure or 2)It could be the end of the world—so picking your life partner will definitely make a difference, so pray about your spouse early on and promise yourself that you marry for the right reasons. If you’re still single–take your time and choose wisely. Enjoy your own adventures first so when the right partner comes, you’ll be ready to give up your solo adventures and create new ones with that special someone. 
I won’t lie–I have those moments when I’m antsy about the big life change. Marriage takes a lot of guts and a lot of work, and is definitely not for the faint hearted. But God has put us in a very good position. We’re surrounded by a lot of young and happily married couples, pairs that still know how to have fun even after putting a ring on it. It helps us so much to witness all these lovebirds do their thing, because of their example we’re inspired to give it a go! Our couple friends have taught us to really invest in our friendship to be better “LOVAHHHS” in the future. Speaking of inspiration, I decided to grill the two couples and ask them about their love stories! Kiliiiggg!
Kirby and Shavonne
Canadians working for an NGO based in Manila
This young and adventurous pair met when they were still kids. Their parents were part of the same “barkada” from their teen years so their families have been extremely close for years. Their first date was at a drive in movie when they were only 16! The expression “FIRST LOVE NEVER DIES” rings true for these two–as they are each other’s first and last! Shavonne shared a sweet anecdote, “After I was done a shift at work I came out to my car and Kirby left a bouquet of flowers with an empty water bottle beside it. In the water bottle was a rolled up piece of paper with a poem that he had written. It was a cute silly poem that had lots of rhymes in it. haha! It was so sweet and it made me feel so special. “ 
Bebo and Nikki
Bebo is in full time church ministry while Nikki is the Green Grocer.
Patrick and I are so inspired by these two. For many years, Patrick was their “third wheel” for X amount of dinners and movie dates. I’m glad though that Patrick spent a lot of time with Nikki and Bebo and picked up a lot of relationship tips from them. They make such a good team together yet still manage to grow individually and flourish in their own careers. Nikki shared a cute story about Bebo, “He wrote me a song! He was so shy about it too. He picked me up at work and when we got home, he was stalling to get in the house. He muttered something, told me go ahead, and asked me to check out the laptop. When I went in, the laptop was propped up with a note beside it that said, “Hey babe, I love you. I’m sorry it took me this long to tell you that you can have me anytime you want. Please put on headphones and press the spacebar.”Aww. I pressed the spacebar and the song he had made for me played. The line in his note “you can have me anytime you want” was the chorus.
The Soon to be Filarts (nakkkkkkksssss)
Patrick is a commercial editor and businessman while Patty is a professional dork.
Our love story: Patrick spotted me in the hallway playing chinese garter with my friends and said “6 year old Patty—someday I will marry you!” Hahahaha! 🙂 Of course this is just my imaginary scenario, truth is we spent all our lives together but not together–living, breathing, and moving so closely to each other but completely oblivious to each other’s cuteness potential–which we only discovered when we were in our late twenties already! 
Shavonne had a Crystalline Skin Body Treatmenta total-body pampering that begins with a sublime body scrub treatment by Pevonica Botanica and is capped off with a deeply relaxing massage. Shavonne raved about it right after, “The Crystalline Treatment was awesome! I loved the body scrub, it makes your skin feel so soft afterwards. The massage felt amazing as well. I would definitly go back!”. Her hubby Kirby tried something more Asian-inspired, the Toning Bamboo Revival Treatment. According to The Spa, Bamboo canes are ideal for obtaining a state of total relaxation and helping to dispel accumulated tension. The bamboo massage helps us to drift into deep physical and mental relaxation, assuaging the stress that we carry in our bodies. As the canes come in different lengths and diameters, they are able to perfectly adapt to the body’s contours, remodelling the body figure. Bamboo canes work by stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems, aiding in the elimination.”
Nikki and Bebo got a Combination Massage at the romantic couple’s room. “The Spa is THE BEST PLACE for a good massage with your loved one. I always enjoy the treatments here! On special occasions, we make a whole day out of it. Leisurely use the wet floor, lounge in the couch for a bit and read a magazine while drinking THE BEST Ginger Brew. And then get a massage. Super perfect way to de-stress and bond as a couple!
Pat and I tried the newest and coolest treatment available in their Acropolis branch, THE SPA Reflexology! It is a combination of three Asian techniques: Japanese Shiatsu, Thai Massage and Chinese Reflexology. The Spa explains, “It focuses on particular “pressure points” of the soles of the feet, where sensory nerves of the internal organs that spread throughout the body are mainly gathered. A different massage experience awaits clients as hands, fingers and a wood stick with cream and oil are used unlike other massages that use thumbs, palms and elbows.” My favorite part about this treatment, the lazy boy couches and your own LCD TV! Patrick and I watched “How I Met Your Mother” and laughed our way throughout our massage. If you don’t have a whole day at your disposal and just need to get a quick but satisfying massage, I recommend trying this treatment since you don’t have to get wet/undressed for this. You could have it during your lunch break and head back to the office feeling completely refreshed!
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  1. Hi Patty! It’s always so sweet to read about you and Pat. I feel it’s the same with me and my fiance, naks! Anyway, I’ve always wanted to ask which brand of eyeliner you use. I first noticed it in your save-the-date video which you said ikaw lang nag-makeup sa sarili mo. It looked like a pro did it and it looked so nice 🙂 Thank you in advance!

  2. it’s definitely cool to have couple friends who are very supportive:)!!!excited for when you finally become the FILARTS;)….-mrs.watkins