The New Amorita Bohol

Every time BOHOL comes up, the very first thing that pops into my head is the word “AMORITA”. Patrick and I visited Amorita for the very first time as newlyweds back in 2013, you can check out our video HERE. And since then, I’ve been singing praises for this family run, boutique luxury resort. The moment I hear someone is planning a trip to Bohol, I always try my best to twist their arm to book at Amorita. Actually, it’s always a toss up between recommending Amorita or Momo Beach House (another clear favorite of mine, which happens to be their sister resort). And every time a friend/relative/blog reader comes home from an Amorita vacation, it’s always the same reaction: “AAAHHH…We loved Amorita!!!!!!!!!!!”. No fail! 100% success rate in this recommendation, so far! It’s the type of resort you’ll want to keep coming back to.

The Amorita we fell in love in back in 2013 was already so charming and I loved every bit of it. Their signature pool villas really spelled R-O-M-A-N-C-E out loud for me and Patrick! Hehehe! So when I heard about their expansion and the introduction of their new wing, I was so excited! I got an invitation to experience it for myself and I immediately emailed YES YES YES. Since Patrick had a ton of work on his plate, I dragged one of my besties Kathleen to be my Bohol date for the weekend. Thanks Kathleen for taking care of this waddling buntis!!! Hehehe! And thanks to Team Amorita headed by Kata and Pia for arranging everything for us and making this trip very comfortable for me 🙂

The NEW Amorita exceeded all my expectations! Although obviously BIGGER and BETTER with a lot of improved facilities, what I love about this expansion is that they have still remained a resort with a lot of HEART. A lot of resorts go through major expansions and renovations and sort of lose their “soul” when things get bigger, so I’m glad this was not the case for Amorita. Decors remain thoughtful and well-curated, the service still  feels very warm and personal, and the property remains well plotted out with a lot of space to roam around in. Everything from the landscaping to the way the whole complex is laid out makes this sprawling property feel like a genuine escape 🙂

As Nikki and Ria both candidly shared in their speeches, this resort really feels like their “baby”. This really feels like a resort that was built with a lot of LOVE. As Ria beautifully shared (while teary eyed! Awwww!), AMORITA means Little Love and that’s what it’s all about: finding love, feeling love and growing in love. That somehow this resort will transition with you in whichever season of LOVE you may find yourself in. Whether it’s love for yourself through a getaway for self-discovery, or love for your new wife/hubby on your honeymoon/babymoon, or for your kids on a family holiday, or even as grandparents with your apos! Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple or with family—you will find that Amorita will suit your needs. Here are photos from our Bohol weekender at Amorita! Congratulations yet again to AMORITA RESORT!!!:)


Touchdown Bohol! Loving my Wanderskye Luggage Cover by Noelle Hilario.


Ready to enter our deluxe room 🙂


I love everything about the new interiors of their suites! It feels fresh, current, polished but with a hint of tropical whimsy. P1300151 P1300157

One of their strengths as a hotel would have to be their food. I think I’ve ordered everything on their menu within our 3 day stay, and all were winners!

P1300162Trying my very best to work this bump! Hehehe! I’m a whale 🙂 🙂 A very cute one though, right?!?!

This pool. I want to marry this pool!!!!


My Bohol Date, Kathleen looking sexyyyy by the pool.


I have become an instant fan of furniture designer, Eneri Abillar. You can see his pieces scattered throughout the resort.


Two love seats overlooking the sea.
P1300204P1300338 P1300207

The new wing of Amorita.P1300210

At the Amorita Flamingo Party hosted by Nikki and Ria Cauton to celebrate Amorita’s 8 years!!!


The Saffron is just as enchanting at night.P1300229

Fresh seafood!!!!P1300246 P1300224

Fire dancers and some local musicians kept us all entertained.P1300269

Pretty Michelle and the cute kiddies (who spent about 80% of their weekend in the pool! hehehe) 🙂

Their beds are so relaxing!!! You can really sleep like a baby in these mattresses.P1300280 P1300281

The beautiful white beach of Panglao.P1300334

Last sunbathing hurrah!!!P1300386Oh and special thanks to British Fashion brand F&F for all my summer friendly outfits in this blog post. They are now open in Glorietta, Makati. I got everything I needed for this Bohol getaway from them—from my swimsuits, cover-ups, dresses, etc. They also have a great selection of clothes for men and kids too! P1300287

Another PLUS, well at least in my book, is that they have their own SPA within the resort grounds. No need to head out for a proper massage, the SEA TREE Spa is a small but extremely luxurious pampering retreat for guests. I was so ecstatic when I discovered that they have a prenatal massage on their menu. It’s very rare to find prenatal treatments in spas these days, let alone spas in far flung resorts, so this is an ALLELUIA for all mommies-to-be! The professionally trained and certified prenatal therapist really took care of me. She worked with gentle and soothing strokes and concentrated on the “safe” massage regions in my body. She also made sure I was comfortable lying on my side with pillows gently propped up against me to provide ample support for my baby. I dozed off after the first five minutes (Kat said I was snoring! It was that good!!! Hahaha) and she had to tap me to wake me after the 60 minute massage! Hahaha! Ang sarap!!!! So to all the mommies-to-be, this is why you should book your BABYMOON at Amorita asap!!! Time to drop subtle hints now 🙂 🙂

P1300356-001P1300339P1300351P1300359 P1300361 P1300346P1300363P1300367 P1300370P1300368We found our spot!

Happy Preggy missing her husband so desperately!!! Patrick, let’s visit Amorita again soon—this time with our little buddy!P1300383Book your BOHOL Holiday now by visiting 🙂

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  1. ahhhh!!!! makes me miss the #AmoritaExperience !!!
    Everything in Amorita is just superb!!!
    Hope to be back there soon!

  2. Wooow nice blog about Amorita. We’ll be staying there by the end of April this year… I’am so excited 🙂

  3. Hi Patty.I’ve been to Amorita before it was renovated and I fell n love with the place..Now that I read your blog and saw ur pics makes me in Love again..: am planning to visit again since I am just here residing in Bohol..Thank you for liking our place..

  4. I love your post, Patty. You not only provided a very informative description of this place but the pictures you’ve posted are also great. I am searching for a place to stay next month and your blog convinced me to try Amorita Resort. Although I have booked my flight and vehicle to use, I haven’t chosen any hotel or resort to stay yet. For those who might ask where I rented my vehicle, try out . They provide rental services for scooters and motorbikes at an affordable price.

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