The OTHER Songs I Secretly Loved

My buddies and I have been enjoying 90s night in a local club for a couple of weeks in a row. This got me thinking about the songs of my childhood.

A million years ago (back when I was still considered ahem,ahem..”COOL”) I was a VJ for MTV Asia. If you grew up in the 90s like me you’d understand why it was such a huge deal.I grew up in the era of MTV greats like Nadya Hutagalung and Mike Kasem. I remember my sister and I would even send letters (painstakingly crafted with glitters and fabric paint)to MTV MOST WANTED, praying desperately that Donita Rose and Jamie Aditya would pick our request!

My first task as a VJ was to host a show called MTV Classic. This was my official “initiation” and I was sobbing at my first taping because I kept fumbling my lines since I couldn’t relate to all the old songs they were asking me to introduce. I was a 19 year old who wanted to listen to songs that other 19 year olds were listening to…not the music my older cousins grew up to! Eew.

And look at me now. I now belong to the “older cousins” category..yung mga pinsan mong tumaba at tumanda na, but if you look’ll see that maybe back in the day they used to be popular and groovy too. Darnit, I used the word “groovy”. Only oldies use that term..along with “reduce” and “going steady”. Hahaha! What would be considered “CLASSIC HITS” today are actually songs from my childhood! Nooooo. If you refuse to accept’s a simple test. Switch on the radio on a Friday, go to Magic 89.9 or Jam 88.3..if you find yourself singing along to at least 3 songs straight..That’s it man, you’re OLD. They only play OLD songs on FRIDAYS! I heard them playing Shaggy’s MR. BOOMBASTIC on RJ FM one day and I was seriously worried. I had to put some Bieber on just to bring me back to 2011.

In true MTV style, I decided to include video clips to refresh your memory! So ladies and gents, I present to you MTV CLASSIC DAPATTYLAUREL EDITION!!! Initially, I wanted to share to you all the “cool” songs I loved back in the day:Foo Fighters, Blur, Daft Punk, Groove Armada, The Cardigans, Gin Blossoms and all that. But you guys know your songs and I don’t think you need me to educate you on 90s “tun-age”. So here’s a list of the songs I secretly loved as a kid..the songs that were so bad yet soooo good! So don’t be shy, if you liked them too..go ahead and click on play. Come on, no one’s watching. Unless you’re reading this at the office, then I suggest you put some earphones on. You wouldn’t want to reveal your real age to your officemates! Hahaha 🙂

Let’s have a moment of silence to remember Peter Andre’s shiny 6 pack abs. *Cricket Sounds* Ok..and we’re back. Did you know that this video was shot in the PHILIPPINE ISLANDS!!! Watch it again and check out all the extras.. ngiti palang, alam mo ng PINOY! Don’t you just love Peter’s rastah-rapper friend, he’s such an obedient sidekick. I think I want to have a sidekick too! Someone who’ll just gyrate in knee deep water with me in maong shorts. Parang si Peter Andre si Joey De Leon and the reggae dude is Rene Requiestas!

This has to be my favorite British Rap Song of all time. When this hit the charts, I was in England and it was the biggest song of the summer! Aside from the LSS inducing beat, panalo yung lyrics! Apparently, Mark Morrison wrote this song because his lady friend cheated on him while he was in prison. It’s the ultimate “I shoot people, rob banks and deal drugs but I get heartbroken too, you know!” song.”YOU LIED TO MEEEEE!!!!”

I am not Jimmy Ray, I am not Sting Ray, I am not ANY RAY. OKAY. SO STOP ASKING ME! “Who wants to know, Who wants to know?” DUDE, NO ONE CARES!!!


I love this song. I love OMC, maybe because they look Filipino too. As you can see I’m very patriotic, I support all Filipino artists and artists from different races that are mistaken as this includes Hawaiians, Indonesians, Malaysians, and some Guatemalans. If you look like us, that’s good enough for me!

Campy. Genius.

I’ve always been a Kylie fan because she just swishes her butt, sings catchy shallow tunes and doesn’t try too hard to constantly reinvent herself (yes, i meant you Madonna). It’s her dumb blonde in rollerskates vibe that sells and I have to hand it to her, the Aussie is still rockin’ it til now!

ULAAAAANNN!!!This makes you want to park your car and go crazy in some random parking lot, and do some full on emoting in the rain! Because you know, COOL DUDES don’t use umbrellas. Payongs are for sissies! And while we’re at it boys, let’s do some random spinning moves too..spin, spin, spin. I’m sorry Backstreet boys fans, this is way better than Quit Playing Games.

They had a dance contest in Eat Bulaga with this song, I seriously wanted to join. Di lang ako pinayagan ng mommy ko mag-commute dahil bata pa raw ako. 🙁

As a treat for all of you, I found this video with LYRICS to make you experience MLTR to its fullest power! Try singing the lyrics of 25 Minutes and The Actor to the tune of Paint my’s like singing ABC to the tune of BaBa Black Sheep and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! It can all interchange! It works each time! Hahaha 🙂

Guys, ano ba..Don’t call her baby DAW! So can we call you Jimmy Ray instead??

Madison Avenue Don’t Call Me Baby by lechacal

Such a shame that this band was just a one hit wonder, if you listen closely..they actually have a “THE TING-TINGS” vibe going on. Maybe the actually ARE The Ting Tings, they must’ve gone through a major makeover! Hahaha 🙂

The Darkness is Awesome and I AM A PROUD FAN!!! Glam Rock at its finest! I do, I do believe in a thing called LOVE! I have seriously considered using this as my wedding march song.

I remember watching this video with my classmates and guessing which spice girl was actually a spice boy. There was a rumor floating around that 1 of the spice girls was actually a very, very pretty man. So, which one’s your bet?? My money’s on Ginger Spice.

So you have a crush on your seatmate. She’s sweet, pretty, and makes you laugh..but..but..she HAS A BOYFRIEND! OH DEAR! What do you do?!?!?! Awww. Aminin mo na, kinanta mo ‘to noh? “Bakit hindi mo ko pinapansin?! Im INVISIBLE TO YOU!!!”

17 Responses to The OTHER Songs I Secretly Loved

  1. I actually KNOW all these songs Patty! Ganun ba tayo katanda na? I still have that vivid memory of you in Rockwell (?) when you were crowned–este powdered as the next MTV VJ, we were screaming sa pinaka likod, with sila Stella and Janina I think? See I dont quite remember! oldie na talaga. 90s– dabest talaga! -alai

  2. Ako talaga til now I could say nothing beats the 90’s be it music, timeless fashion (remember the slip dress?, Dr. Martens)I could still wear stuffs I bought during this era, sitcoms & TV Series (Ally McBeal, Felicity, Friends, The Practice.) this decade definitely RULES!

  3. lol. i know all these songs.. but i’ve already forgotten them. thanks for sharing. i’m listening to them again to refresh my memory.

    huhuhu. i miss MTV.

  4. Grade school days I remember you sharing about this song whose only lyrics were: “I missed the bus, never gonna do it again.” And the singer kept repeating just that over and over. You thought it was a long intro until the song ended. haha!

  5. OMG! I can relate to these songs being a 90s baby myself! add no doubt’s don’t speak and arkarna’s so little time!! luv your blog patty! and we even have the same name! 😉

  6. Woops! I misread the title! These are songs you secretly luv pala! You forgot “I swear”. Hehehe! 

  7. reading this post of yours brings me melancholia!!! and how I am missing watching MTV!!

  8. Wow I’m glad I happened to stumble upon your blog and saw this post! I would never have remembered Mysterious Girl and Return of the Mac if I didn’t get here! I’m gonna look forward to your blogs on music if there’s more of the 90’s or anything really you’re lss on haha. Thanks a lot! 🙂

  9. iba pa rin talaga music from the 90’s! i especially love the ones from the ones released late in the decade.

    one time i was channel surfing and chanced upon channel v’s back tracks. and they were showing craig david’s 7 days! i was freaked out. lol.