The Pats’ DIY Project #1

Check out our Saturday morning DIY Project: Giving our dining area chairs a fresh makeover! I bought a wooden dining set on sale for dirt cheap a few months ago. It was our very first major purchase for our loft, so it does have a special spot in my heart. Aww. After browsing through pegs online, I figured it would be a good idea to paint the chairs white. A few days later, I dropped by my friend (and also bride to be) Lea’s home and discovered that she and her fiance painted their wooden chairs white which further validated my idea (and gave me enough convincing powers to Patrick)! Lea even shared that it was such a nice bonding experience for them which made us even more excited to do it!
Since my dad is Chairman Emeritus of the We Love Ace Hardware Forever (that’s a joke of course), he volunteered to sponsor our DIY project supplies. Yes, big time talaga Tatay ko!:) Siguro naawa na rin siya sa min, “These poor kids don’t even have the moolah to hire a decent painter!” Hahaha! So we set Saturday morning for our DIY project. 
I now have mad respect for painters– it’s hard work, I tell ya! The first chair I was more than happy to was tralalalalalalalala..oh this is so fun…I’m so happy we did this babe…ooohhh!!! But by the third chair, my hands were getting tired and by the forth chair, Pat and I were just laughing at how tired we both were! Pat even joked “Bonding pala ha?! If you wanted bonding, we could’ve just gone on a DVD marathon. Bonding din naman yun! Aircon pa!” When we approached our last two chairs, we were sweating and covered in paint (ok fine ako lang! Pat is such a neat painter…grrrr) and my hair was a total mess with paint at the tips. How come in those Cable TV Interior Design shows all the hosts look so cute, with vavavoom hair and makeup?!?! False advertising! 
Patrick had to work twice as hard because 1) he was painting 2) he was fixing all my uneven strokes. He kept joking me “Honey! There you go again with your Bavarian strokes” (mukha raw kasing Dunkin Donuts Bavarian yung gawa ko!) to which I would answer ever so slyly “Art ang tawag dyan! ART!!!!!” Hahahaha!:) It’s a good thing we’re leaning towards a more rustic look for our place, so the pressure to make it look flawless was lifted from our shoulders. Of course Patrick says I just came up with that whole “Wow, it looks so nice and rustic” as an excuse for my lousy painting! Haha!
Overall, it was a very physically tiring morning activity but I’m so glad I did it with my hubby to be. As we were doing our finishing touches I had a little senti moment and told Pat “You know, even if we become flithy rich someday–I don’t think I’ll be able to sell these chairs, especially after all the hard work and love we poured into painting them. They’re even more valuable now!” and of course humirit pa talaga si Filart “Wooow, Feeling mo naman may bibili ng Bavarian chairs natin?! I think we’ll have to pay someone to take them from us! HAHAHAHA”. Grrrrr. 
Thanks to my handyman tatay for overseeing our project and mocking our uneven brush strokes! I’m sure he’s itching to fix our paint job botches. Hihihi 🙂 To all our friends and family members, when we invite you to dine in our future home please don’t look too closely at our chairs! Remember, beauty is in the imperfections! RIIIGHT. Haha 🙂

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  1. This is such a great idea! I’ve been trying to convince Elbert to say yes to painting our walls ourselves but he’s stubborn haha.