The Pats in Paris

My parents wanted to make our Paris trip extra special so they arranged for this walking tour with ULA of Localers, a guide who also happens to be an excellent photographer. She took us to all the iconic sites, shared a lot of interesting trivia (hooray for History geeks like me!) and snapped these photos in between. I didn’t even have to whip out my camera. Thanks so much Mom and Dad for this wonderful gift for me and Patrick 🙂 🙂 It was fun just being corny and cheesy in the most romantic city in the world—and we now have all these lovely photos to look back to when we’re old and gray! hehe! 
Get ready for a flood of photos, people!!! I’m currently doing our laundry so I thought I might as well share our photos while waiting for my clothes—multi-tasking while on vacay! And for those asking about my outfit (awww, thanks for noticing!)  my boots and bag are both from Suiteblanco, Vero Moda Jacket, and Sunnies from Charles and Keith 🙂 It was raining on that day so we decided to just wear black to be safe—and it actually turned out really Parisian cool and chic!  Or so I think! Hehehe! This really was the perfect day for me and Patrick  and I’m so glad I can share this experience with all of you today. I’ll try to post more photos in the coming days but in the meantime, you can just check out my Instagram feed for mini updates. I really miss blogging and connecting with all of you–I promise to work on more posts when we get some downtime 🙂    

27 Responses to The Pats in Paris

  1. ULA-la!! 😀 Love the pics!!! They’re priceless! This is an awesome gift! Imagine, your own photographer following you around while you explore the city??! 🙂 Even on a rainy day Paris is just beautiful. Sigh, it will always be one of my favorite cities! 🙂

  2. I’m looking for a superlike button 🙂 Great matchy outfits and great shots.

  3. Lovers in Paris.
    What your heart truly desires will come soon, made in Paris na baby. 🙂 Claim it.
    More blessings.

  4. I’m in awe! What a lovely couple in the most romantic city, Paris! You are truly blessed! 🙂 Great photos indeed!

  5. Awwwwww. My dream destination.. Paris. You look so happy. Both of you 🙂 God bless

  6. Beautiful Place + Beautiful Couple = Happiness… I love reading your blog. would like to ask the name and contact number of your Photographer? Thanks in advance!

    Stay Happy 🙂