The Pats Turn One

It’s our first year wedding anniversary today!!!! This is a big deal for me so please allow me to enjoy it, even just for one day 🙂 Patrick woke me up before sunrise because he wanted to surprise me with a “Proposal Flashback”. If you recall, he proposed to me in the dark (thanks to a village wide electricity blackout) so I guess we’ve now become fans of romancing in the dark. And NO, we are NOT vampires. He filled our tiny pad with Christmas lights (which later he shared was so frustrating to untangle all by himself! Bwahahaha! Kawawa!). The lights trickled down the stairs, across our dining room and finally landed on a bountiful bouquet of flowers. Yes, he actually wrapped the flowers with lights too! Glow in the dark bouquet!!! Sa totoo lang, natawa talaga ako dito—my  dear old husband, so adorable! Binalot talaga niya yung ilaw sa bulaklak, KYOT. He gave me a really sweet card and then he told me to get dressed so we could have a nice breakfast date in Tagaytay before heading to work.  I’m always a fan of Patrick’s gestures for me—always very heartfelt with a lot of effort and careful thought, but never over the top and/or expensive. 🙂 🙂
I’ve failed as a wife/best friend/life partner/homemaker many, many, many times this year. In the cooking department alone, Patrick has had to put up with my burnt pancakes, kulang-pa-sa-asin ulams, pasta na naging mami noodles, and my other painful kitchen experiments.  HOYYY, But I’m IMPROVING haaaa!!!! I’ve also had my share of EMO moments too just like any girl—from the annoying “Do I look FAT?” days all the way down to the hysterical sob fests that last til 3 in the morning. And of course, if you mix in all our real life problems—my health issues, work stress, finances, bills, etc.—wow, what a halo-halo fiesta it has been for Patrick indeed! Jackpot sa Lugi talaga siya. HAHAHA

But surprisingly though, even if on paper marami akong kapalpakan at kakulangan, I never ever felt like a failure. In fact, today I feel like the world’s AWESOMEST wife because my husband did an excellent job of cheering me on and encouraging me through all my mistakes and missteps.  He always makes me feel special, always showing me that his time with me is valuable and golden–and that even if in my mind’s eye I see myself as “just this or just that”, he reminds me that I am precious and wonderful, just as God has made me 🙂 Naksss!!!!

Don’t get me wrong, we do fight a lot, we don’t see eye to eye on most things, the issues we faced this year (and still continue to deal with) were really harsh and brutal–and we’ve wrestled with God for many nights because of these trials but looking back at the year that was, all I could do is really give Patrick a HIGH FIVE!!!! Marriage is really tough but we cruised through our first year and made it 🙂 

There are a lot of horror stories about marriage, most are grounded on things that are real and valid and should not be taken lightly. And every night I pray for our marriage to be protected because I know that with my flaws and his flaws, we really don’t stand a chance. It’s only by God’s grace that we can carry on as one unit. 

Marriage is always likened to a roller coaster ride. The highs and lows, the twists and turns, all perfectly describe the random things you’ll experience in your married life. Just like in any amusement park you’ll encounter all sorts of people dealing with that ONE MONSTER RIDE. You’ll have 10 people bailing out from the line upon hearing the shrieks and screams, just the thought of the ride already freaking them out. Then you’ll have the slightly braver ones who will actually strap themselves in but won’t be entirely lucky, at least 3 people throwing up, then 5 more with faces pale as snow obviously dizzy from the ride, another 8 will be cursing the heavens vowing never to ride again. BUT then you’ll find 2,3, maybe even 20 with big grins on their faces saying “WOW!” “That was awesome!” and “That was so much fun!”. I can’t really tell what will happen to me and Patrick 10, 20, 50 years from now. But I do hope that we end up enjoying this monster rollercoaster ride called MARRIAGE, with all the twists and turns that come along with it 🙂 🙂

15 Responses to The Pats Turn One

  1. Your presence in each other’s lives are testimony that God is faithful. And when He gives, He gives the very best.
    Our prayers are with you ms patty, I believe as long as God is present in your marriage, everything will fall into its place.

    Thanks for always inspiring us. I hope I could meet you in this lifetime. 🙂

  2. Happy anniversary, Patty and Pat! Happy that you found the God given lifetime partner in each other 🙂 Truly inspired with your love story 🙂