9 Responses to The places I MUST see before I die and meet Good ‘Ol Papa Jesus

  1. one word: WOW!!! 😀

    but I had to ask..are these pics raw? No changes done on the color? it’s really the natural colors of their landscape? esp the Netherlands and China pics? if yes, SUPER WOW!! *drooling*

  2. Patty! The pictures are nice. I agree. These places are part of my “must sees” too! Let’s go to Taiwan’s lantern festival on Feb! 🙂

  3. Just curious, how do you save for your travels? Like do you have a travel fund which you set aside? On your 29th year, are you going to any of the above places…thanks! ; )

  4. Do you guys have any idea when is the exact date of LANTERN FESTIVAL? pls pls pls…i would really appreciate if you can give me any information..tnx tnx tnx 🙂