The Prettiest All Day Breakfast Joint In Town

I still can’t get over the prettiness of the brand new Early Bird Breakfast Club in Century City Mall.  It’s so pretty in fact that my camera almost gave up on me. I could’ve sworn I left our home with a fully charged battery—so I was shocked to find out that my camera was blinking even before the food arrived. I think this camera gets weak in the knees when faced with beautiful subjects. Hay, kaya pala palaging blurry kapag close up sa mukha ko! It’s just too much beauty to handle in one frame DAW..Mwahahahahahaha!  I wanted to give my phone CPR right then and there—“Don’t give up on me Lumix! Stay away from the light! Marami pa tayong food shots, kapatid, marami paaaaaa!!!!” Obviously my camera lasted ’til noon and I was able to snap a lot of happy photos of our family brunch. 

I’ll always be a proud member of the Early Bird Breakfast Club! I became an instant fan when they opened in the Fort and now I’m cheering for them yet again as they welcome new breakfast lovers in the Makati district. As expected, the interiors in this new branch did not disappoint and definitely wow-ed me yet again! How could you not be impressed by this beautiful mural?!? Even the manliest of men–think Chuck Norris+Van Damme+Christian Bale+Patrick Filart (naks!!! Kasama si Filart?!)–would let out a gentle “Le Sigh” upon seeing this. And as an added bonus, they also have an outside veranda where guests can enjoy dining al fresco. The open dining area has it’s own garden charm—it actually reminds me of Gwen Stefani’s music video “What You Waiting For” (one of my favorite videos of all time!). 

The food is just as pretty as the interiors—and it’s not all about the looks, they’re tasty and satisfying too! We are a family that LOVES to EAT (ahem, ahem Cecil and Patty are the leaders of the pack) so you could say we’re very particular about the food we eat. Each person in our family (including the little tots) was pleased with their respective orders. The noteworthy ones were: The Yin&Yang Champorado (walang kamatayang pag-ibig kami nito!It’s impossible NOT to order this!), The Katocino (Katsu Style Tocino! Crunchy Breaded Tocino–super yum!), The Signature Pancakes were a hit with the kiddies, The Men loved their Breakfast Steaks and Tapa, French Toast Fondue, but the BEST BEST BEST dish of all was their Nutella and Banana French Toast!!! Sure it sounds like a very Breakfast-y dish, but believe me you can have this any time of day and still be happy. Aside from their heavy All-Day-Breakfast meals, they have a wide range of drinks too 🙂 

I love, love, love the Early Bird Breakfast Club and I guarantee you will love this restaurant too. Visit them now at the ground floor of Century City Mall Makati. Congratulations again to the wonderful team behind EBBC!!!

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