The Ruins in Bacolod

Presenting the long overdue photos by the Cats (Sheila and Jorem Catilo) of our day trip to the RUINS in Bacolod! This is indeed a historical gem and a must-see 🙂 I still have a whole backlog of posts for Bacolod (mostly foodie stories!) so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, enjoy our posing-posing pag may time (cringe…did I actually say “pag may time?!?!?!”). It was such a photogenic place and you know, our barkada…we’re just so..photogenic too! So we couldn’t help it! MWAHAHAHAHA! Yabang 🙂 Seriously though, had I known earlier that this place was THIS beautiful, I would’ve at least worn a proper outfit! I was just wearing shorts and a tank!?!? Buti nga nakapag-necklace pa ako. Hahaha! Maaaaan, I should’ve worn a glamorous maxi dress for this one! Note to self, when in the RUINS dress like a Greek Goddess. 

3 Responses to The Ruins in Bacolod

  1. omigosh Patty that’s my hometown. please please blog more about Bacolod 🙂 thanks for this really funny post btw