The Sultans of the Desert

Photo by Sven Wiesner
DESERT-CHIC SHEIKS and their gangsta bodyguard
What happens when friends and friends-of-friends randomly get together in a strange and foreign city like Abu Dhabi?! Madness. 24 hours of crazy. What happens in the desert, stays in the desert. 6 Filipinos+1 German+a handful of local Shieks and Sultans= One Wild Party in the middle of nowhere!!! We met some not so friendly camels and shrieked like crazy while WADI bashing (dune bashing) in our 4×4 Land Cruiser. Thank God our driver Oman was confident in driving up and down those slippery slopes..I seriously thought we’d tip over and get stuck in the sand for days!
Marc and Jinno provided the entertainment (by role playing and dressing up as Sultans), Von and Karina were busy charming the local boys, Loralee and I enjoyed some traditional hubbly bubbly (shisha), and Sven was our official DJ for the evening..bringing us some old school beats by Snoop Dogg and Dr.Dre in the desert!
It was a star-studded event, with actual stars (and I’m not talking about celebrities but constellations) dotted all over the perfectly clear sky! We decided to take out all our sleeping bags from our tents and chose to just go all out by sleeping in the wide open space. Words cannot describe the feeling you get waking up to an eerie, quiet and cold Arabian desert. Kakaiba. But what I can describe is how much we reeked of camel the following day! Wala ng toothbursh at ligo-ligo pag nasa disyerto! The group that doesnt shower together, stays together. Hahaha!!:)

From the Desert to the Beach!
Just thought I’d do a double post today 🙂

So I just arrived a few hours ago from Abu Dhabi and on my way home, I was greeted by the awful holiday traffic! And just like that, it hit me! PASKO NA!!! It’s Christmas season again so I’ve been sort of on a panic mode since I only have a few tick marks on my gift list. I still have a lot of girls and boys (who have been both naughty and nice) on my list and I hope to play Santa to them even in a very small way. Luckily, a friend of mine referred me to this online store called The Little Pinky Store. The brand is very boho-beach babe which I love especially since I enjoy dressing in boho tropical chic, even during our monsoon season. There’s always something about the island fashion culture that makes you feel so relaxed and in tune with nature! It’s easy fashion which flatters any body type. I’ve ordered a couple of pieces from their store already and I must say the prices are very easy on the pocket 🙂 TLPS has everything from wallets, earrings, shirts, to sunglasses, bags, and other accessories! Take your pick!:)

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7 Responses to The Sultans of the Desert

  1. Hi Patty! I really like your fashion taste. For Fashion Friday, perhaps you can give us tips on what to wear (without looking sloppy) when traveling to a desert

  2. Wish I could go there too someday. I’ve seen photos of my dad (who works in Saudi) doing that dune bashing thingy with his friends 🙂

  3. hi Patty!!!

    ok i’m calling you like we’re really friends.. actually i just came across to your blog and i read all your posts yesterday! (i was about to comment you but my little man just woke up!).

    anyway i just wanted to say i really love reading your blog! it never happened to me pero while reading your words para bang you’re in front of me telling all your stories hehehe… as in feel na feel ko…
    and honestly I admire your parents kasi pinalaki ka nila na mabait at humble… i just realised na sana magawa ko din sa baby ko yun, like sabi nga ng daddy mo to love and to be loved…

    ok i don’t want to annoy you with this comment (long comments daw)… take care and best regards from Italy.

    ps. next time you pass by here let me know para naman ma meet mo ko and my baby i know you’re sucker for babies… mine is really cute and adorable promise 🙂

    xoxo, Haus of Gala