The Ultimate Dream: Healthy Hair

Don’t you just hate it when you wake up to a bad hair day. Raise your hand if you’ve never had a bad hair day… Any hands??? Hmmm?? Put your hand down Jennifer Aniston—you are a hair goddess and that’s not fair. For regular girls like me, dealing with unruly hair is something we face day in and day out. It seems shallow to rant about your hair, but when you think about it—having a bad hair day can definitely ruin your mood, affect your self esteem, and cause a lot of physical and emotional stress. The best way to address our hair issues is by taking a step back to investigate the culprits. I stumbled across this article and I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you today.

 taken from the LiveStrong Website

Harsh Treatments
Hot styling techniques and chemical treatments are common culprits for hair damage. As explains, high-temperature hairdryers and curling irons can cause bubbles to form in hair fiber, resulting in locks that are weak, brittle and prone to breakage. Chemical treatments–including bleaching, coloring, relaxers and permanent waves–can also weaken your hair and invite damage, especially with frequent use.

Hair Accessories
Hair bands, pins and clips might add an aesthetic flourish to your hairstyle, but these accessories can damage your mane when worn frequently or fastened too tightly. Rubber bands and hair bands with metal clasps can snag hair strands, leading to breakage, and tight pins can tug your hair from its roots. Loosely worn accessories pose less risk of hair damage.

Poor Nutrition
A nutritious diet is important for keeping your entire body in working order–and that includes your hair. As explains, poor nutrition can slow the growth rate of your hair and compromise the quality of your hair shafts, leading to strands that easily break and fray.
In particular, a shortage of B vitamins and E vitamins can interfere with your hair’s health. To nourish your hair and keep it resistant to damage, recommends consuming vitamin B-rich foods such as peas, beans, carrots, cauliflower, bran, eggs, nuts and soybeans, as well as vitamin E-rich foods such as avocados, seeds, olive oil and nuts.

Excessive Brushing
Brushing your hair too frequently–particularly with a low-quality brush or metal comb–often leads to hair damage. Brushes containing manmade bristles rather than natural fibers can tear your hair, and fine-toothed combs can snag your hair strands and lead to knotting. In addition, your hair is weakest when wet, so trying to brush a not-yet-dry mane can cause severe breakage.

Salt Water and Chlorine
Swimming in salt water or chlorinated swimming pools can lead to hair damage, particularly if you don’t wash your hair immediately afterwards. Both chlorine and salt dry out your hair, causing brittleness and breakage. You can lessen the damage by rinsing your hair thoroughly after each swim session and using clarifying shampoos specifically designed for swimmers.

Sun Exposure
Basking in the sun doesn’t only harm your skin: it also harms your hair. UV rays can cause damage even in the middle of winter, according to, but your hair suffers the most in the summer when solar radiation reaches its peak intensity. Covering your head, wearing a hat or remaining in shade can minimize sun-induced hair damage.

Now that you know the culprits, it’s time to be proactive and do something about it. No matter how damaged your hair is, whether it’s completely lifeless and dull, frizzy and unruly, or just blehhhh blahhhh. With just a little adjustment in your daily regimen, you can CPR your hair back into life! It’s just like taking care of your body, a healthy body means a beautiful one…so healthy hair means beautiful hair!

Research shows that by giving your hair a rest in between shampoos actually allows your hair to generate sebum, your hair’s natural conditioner. But if you are a regular commuter exposed to dirt, dust and pollution on a daily basis–there definitely is a need to shampoo everyday to get rid of all the grime. If you must shampoo everyday, it’s important to choose a gentle shampoo that will nourish your strands. Whether your hair is short or long, curly or straight, colored or not, it’s important to feed your hair daily with a shampoo that is packed with nutrients.

If you’re struggling with your hair (like I have been struggling for many years too!), you might want to make some adjustments. Don’t just pick up any bottle in the grocery. Take the time to read the labels and investigate each product. For most Pinays, Pantene is very “hiyang” for our hair. Pantene offers different variants made for specific hair problems. For those who suffer with split ends, I suggest you try Pantene’s Total Damage Care. If you have fine and lifeless hair and are craving for a little more bounce and body, try Pantene’s Nature Care. And finally if you’ve been quite alarmed about excessive hair loss, maybe it’s time to treat it with Pantene’s Hair Fall Control. Pick a shampoo that contains ingredients that address your hair issues directly. With healthy hair that’s manageable, shiny, and full of body–you’ll never wake up dreading a bad hair day ever again!

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  1. I totally agree with the bad hair day it really changes your mood!!Thanks for sharing this article Ms. Patty!