The Yellow Weirdo

Since the relaunch of this new blog, I’ve been getting lots of sweet letters from readers all over the country. I love reading each and every one of them and I always try to reply when I have some free time:) I’ve received letters asking for travel advice, love and life advice, some nangangamusta lang..hehehe.  Some have expressed how much they miss the show Breakfast (awwww, I miss it so much too!! We were like one big family then), some shared their favorite MTV/UAAP moments, others recalled the commercials/magazine work I used to do. It’s like a trip down memory lane for me, reading all your letters..especially since all of these things happened years and years ago, so it really makes me feel so touched to know that some of you still remember. 🙂 But surprisingly, NO ONE REMEMBERS THIS!!! This has to be hands down, my finest work to date. Of all my greatest achievements, eto na yung PINAKA-pinaka! The mostest and the bestest! And when I die, I want my tombstone to say… PATRICIA S LAUREL. Beloved Mother, Wife, and Brainy High.

So here’s something for all of you to enjoy..and I give you the freedom to poke fun at the yellow dork dancing like a bubuyog throughout the music video.

I remember going to several malls to promote this campaign, dressed as a full on yellow nerdox. Some kids would approach me with their notebooks saying “Brainy, Brainy! Tulungan mo naman ako sa Physics assignment ko!” They actually thought I was a frickin’ mascot! As in kabarkada ko si Bear brand bear, Susie and Geno! Hahaha 🙂 This was a really fun and memorable experience for me and I’m so happy I was a part of it!

But one more thing before I go..just remember this…”Kung umaapaw ka sa the BRAINY HIGH!” Pero kung moderate level of talino lang naman..don’t do it, ONLY kung overwhelming yung intelligence mo! Hahahahahaha 🙂

9 Responses to The Yellow Weirdo

  1. Patty, I so missed you on Breakfast! ♥ Lagi ko inaabangan dati yung portion mo when you give some girly (stuffs) tips (before I go to school!) I won’t forget yung tip you said na if you have round face, wear a long dangglings. Lol. (I have round face kasi):P

    Btw, ikaw yung pinaka pretty, cute and awesome na brainy! 😀

  2. you really worked your part huh… haha
    sana magkaroon ulit ng morning show ang studio23
    or dumagdag na lang sa Mornings@anc =)

  3. Waaah, ikaw pala ‘yun! After all these years, ngayon ko lang na-realize ‘yun! Haha! Anyway, I also see you on Velvet in between shows. Keep up the good job, Patty! 😀

  4. Ah no as soon as I saw this TVC years ago, I know it was you. It’s that morning show mo lang that I haven’t got any chance to watch. 🙂 Can’t wait for your next travel post! 😉

  5. hi. tpat.. i like this commercial …. dati sabi ko na nga ikaw yon.. hiya lang ako mag ask he..he.. anyways… you are BB naman a -brainy at beautiful.. .. thanks for being a nice friend.. miss you…………

  6. hi patty,,

    and how could i not forget ur stint sa “first day high” movie? hehehehe… the ate of geoff eigenman 🙂 when i saw you, i super smiled!!! ur so cute there !!! sana u will have more tvc and show as well 🙂 hope revive nila un bfast!