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Belo Baby (April 3, 2016) 0029Belo Baby (April 3, 2016) 0054I’m so thrilled to announce that Theo is now officially a BELO BABY along with Tristan, Luis and Alonzo!!!! I am just so, so, so kilig about this campaign. This is an endorsement that we are really proud of and I’m so glad we decided to come on board with this brand.

As a blogger/personality/pseudo celebrity or influencer- I-dont-know-what- I-am really (HAHAHA)—the lines are often blurred between actual work engagements and personal endorsements. So my rule since day one is to only work for brands I can personally vouch for. To know that if a random Tita, or classmate from grade school, or an old officemate were to approach me about a certain product that I’ve attached my name to—I would have the guts to own it and talk about it fairly with conviction. That I would never ever find myself in an awkward spot– knowing fully well that the product was crappy and that I just wanted to get paid. I want to be transparent–for you to know that yes my work outside blogging involves modeling, promoting, hosting, advertising for brands. But at least I can make the initiative and choose to work with companies that I know would take care of my friends, family, and yes even you my darling readers the same way they’ve taken care of me. I just know how it feels to work, work, work and set aside a piso there and a piso here, so if I were to spread the word about a product or service— I have to be sure it’s worth my hard earned money and yours too.

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When the team of Belo Baby approached us about this campaign, they asked me to try and test the products first before giving my answer. I found this to be such a bold move, to send the products for me to really honestly review even before any contracts were signed! This was very reassuring as a mom. So with the help of Theo’s yaya Ate Mai we really tested each product (even on ourselves!) and studied the pros and cons. And I guess it’s pretty obvious that the test was successful.The only con—why only 3 products!?!? BITIN! We want more!! Hahaha! So here were the pros we discovered over the month of trial before signing with them..just thought I’d share it with you so you’ll know why we chose to join the Belo Baby Brand 🙂

  1. It contains 100% NATURAL Ingredients. The main goodies you’ll find in this line are Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, and Cocoa Butter—all known to gently nourish and moisturize. They even have a certification for each ingredient to guarantee that they are derived from NATURAL sources. (I should ask Cristalle Belo to show me a copy and I’ll blog it too as proof! hahaha!)
  2. ZERO Harmful Chemicals—So in relation to #1, the Research&Development Team was very particular about the ingredients that go into each bottle and were also strict about keeping the bad gunk OUT. You will NOT find any paraben, silicone, formaldehyde (eeeew!), sulfates or other allergens in any of these products.
  3. Products are made for our tropical climate. I received a ton of different skincare items from friends and family while I was pregnant. I had about 5 lotions, 4 body wash variants, 6 types of soaps, all from well known brands—and although there were some winners in the lot, there were some that remained stale on my shelf because they just didn’t seem appropriate for the hot-sticky-muggy weather in Manila. They just didn’t glide as smoothly on the skin as I had hoped and I could tell that Theo was feeling uncomfortable with the thick and sticky consistency. The BELO BABY lotion in particular really impressed me as it seemed to melt seamlessly on his skin.
  4. The price points are good. Considering the high quality ingredients inside each tube, the price points are actually not bad. They are made to be very affordable for housewives and working moms on a budget. You pay less than the imported counterparts but don’t feel guilty about scrimping.
  5. They’re available everywhere!! Your favorite department stores, supermarkets, drug stores, even the sweet mom&pop shops in the province will have them soon. And even online via Lazada, Zalora, and Cudsly! So this means it’s very accessible to all markets around the country. I think this is a bonus, hindi na kailangan magpabili or maghintay ng order! yey! 🙂
  6. Let me just put it out there—this is NOT a whitening line for babies! Huwaaat?!?! Sounds funny right??? But you’ll be surprised to discover there have been people asking about it, so I just wanted to make it clear from the get go! Hahaha! Theo is naturally fair because of genetics, he is after all the son of Patrick who used to be teased a lot as Casper the Friendly Ghost back in grade school. The BELO BABY products are just there to carefully cleanse, moisturize and protect your babies fragile skin—again no whitening magic here.
  7. The packaging looks so pretty!!!! It’s in my favorite seafoam color. Best color evuuuur. OKAY, madaya ako. hahahaha! Who cares, it’s my blog! I can put it on the criteria if I want to! Mwahahahaha (evil laugh)
  8. Fragrance with natural essential oils—it has a light scent that’s not overpowering at all and free from common allergens too. No artificial scents were used on these products.
  9. It’s made specifically for BABIES. A lot of people take this for granted, thinking that as long as you have any standard soap, shampoo, body wash —pwede na rin yan sa anak ko! Our baby’s skin is far more delicate, fragile and sensitive than our fully formed adult skin cells. They deserve the gentlest products formulated just for this particular stage in their development. This line was crafted with care for the most delicate skin, for the most meticulous moms.
  10. Belo Baby line is actually great for other family members too! Even my husband uses the soap and he likes it. It’s great for adults with eczema, rashes and other skin ailments too.

Belo Baby (April 3, 2016) 0021 Belo Baby (April 3, 2016) 0007

Belo Baby (April 3, 2016) high-res 0177 copyBelo Baby (April 3, 2016) 0008 Belo Baby (April 3, 2016) 0031Belo Baby (April 3, 2016) 0044 So there, that sums up the reasons why I’ve decided (on behalf of Theo) to join the Belo Baby Family. Maybe you’ll be able to relate to 1 or 2 on the list or you might even find all 10 useful. But what’s important is that as a mom, you have to go and test the product yourself. Don’t just take my word for it–see, feel, smell if it works for YOU and YOUR CHILDREN. It’s alright to be meticulous and discerning. After all we can’t shield our kids from all the harmful things of this world, but for the things that we have control over—let’s give it our best shot 🙂 We will never be perfect moms with all the answers, but we will always be the best moms with the best intentions for our respective kids. Belo Baby (April 3, 2016) high-res 0523 copy

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  1. thumbs up!!! 🙂 that’s why I also uses that to my baby to nourish her skin.. Before I’m so tired of choosing the good product to put on to my baby’s skin but now.. I’ve already found out the Best products specifically for BABIES. Thanks to Below Baby! 🙂

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