Theo’s 1st Month

[low-res] Baby_Theo_1st_Month_by_Zeus_Martinez_Photography 0009 [low-res] Baby_Theo_1st_Month_by_Zeus_Martinez_Photography 0031

Howdy folks! Here’s the first installment of our 12-part series with the amazing Zeus Martinez (@shootinanylight on IG). With his help, we will be able to chronicle the little and big milestones of Theo’s first year. So each month you’ll have a dose of Theo through the lens of Zeus on the blog! Yahoo! 🙂

When Zeus approached me with this concept, I was 100% game! The idea was simple but brilliant, for him to dedicate one day each month to capture Theo in his most natural element. Nothing fancy or over the top, just candid and real. I loved that it was a throwback to our childhood photos—just bottling up simple memories that would last a lifetime. It took Zeus about 20 minutes for this shoot, making it very relaxed and not too overwhelming for my newborn son. Our baby just finished a feed so we plopped him on the bed and Zeus clicked away. Easy breezy–especially for this very tired mommy!

What an amazing gift to have a sought-after photographer willing to carve out time just for your baby. Imagine, he’s dedicating to shoot Theo each month for one whole year! Wow! Thank you so much Zeus for committing to journey with us for Theo’s first year. If you wish to do something similar for your little ones, just shoot an email to so he too can collaborate with your family 🙂


  1. He always sneezes twice in a row.
  2. His eyes are gray and his hair is light brown and has Patrick’s complexion.
  3. Just like when mama was a baby, he always has a pensive kunot-noo face when he’s relaxed. It’s like he’s always contemplating the meaning of life…as a newborn. Hahaha!
  4. He loves sunbathing but hates water-bathing–at least for now. Our son is a goat! Hahaha!
  5. When he sleeps, he loves to squirm and squirm and squirm—so Patrick and I always have at least one hand on top of him to keep him from waking himself up.
  6. Mama has a 70 minute recording of “DISHWASHING NOISE” on Spotify which always lulls him to sleep at night.
  7. We call him “siksikero” because he can only sleep if he’s tightly hugged and snuggled.
  8. Dada can perfectly copy his “keh-keh-keh” cry that signals it’s time to feed.. this always cracks me up!
  9. He loves Louis Armstrong, Norah Jones, Belle and Sebastian, The Weeknd, and Flo-rida. Hahaha!
  10. He currently has no neck and no eyebrows. Ok he does have a neck, it’s just hidden beneath all that chubbiness. And he has eyebrows, but they’re still so fine and light! Hahaha!


  1. [low-res] Baby_Theo_1st_Month_by_Zeus_Martinez_Photography 0010[low-res] Baby_Theo_1st_Month_by_Zeus_Martinez_Photography 0029[low-res] Baby_Theo_1st_Month_by_Zeus_Martinez_Photography 0014[low-res] Baby_Theo_1st_Month_by_Zeus_Martinez_Photography 0002 [low-res] Baby_Theo_1st_Month_by_Zeus_Martinez_Photography 0011 [low-res] Baby_Theo_1st_Month_by_Zeus_Martinez_Photography 0028[low-res] Baby_Theo_1st_Month_by_Zeus_Martinez_Photography 0026

14 Responses to Theo’s 1st Month

  1. very cute, buyag Ms Patty! and the kunot noo at the third photo (i died)! Bless your baby. and your whole family as well.

  2. Aw, soooo cute! I’m always near tears whenever I read your blog posts about Theo. I’m 34. My husband and I have been trying really hard to conceive. We keep track of my fertility schedule but 6 months of trying isn’t working.

    I hope to be able to have a baby soon, to cuddle, to snuggle, to hug and kiss….
    Hay, so lucky of you The Pats to have been blessed with a cute and healthy baby boy! God bless…

  3. Hi Patty, your baby is so cute and gray-eyes pa 🙂 As time goes by, your 10 fun facts about Theo may reach up to 20 or more and how amazing it is to know your child little by little each day 🙂 God bless you and your family.

    can i share – sa ngalan ng pagiging sentimental, i created an email for my daughter. I send her an email from time to time telling her baby milestones and all if she grows up she will know these stories. I do hope the email won’t cease to exist though.

    :)from another doting mother

  4. Oh my he is gorgeous!!! Big congratulations to you and your husband! I remember you were still pregnant when we met 🙂 This project of yours, both the photos and the “10 facts” are awesome…you will cherish it and be so glad you did it! I wish I was a better documenter of my kids babyhood!

  5. Hi Patty with a P! 🙂 I love everything about your blog, from the look & the feel and the content! 😀 Of ‘course my fave content’s Baby Theo’s milestones & fun facts about him (Gray eyes :”>) He’s so cute & chubby & I know people will have the same reaction as I did & wants to make kurot of his cheeks ’cause nakakagigil sya. 🙂 Been reading through your blog & I really like how you write your posts & I get inspiring advice. Thank you 🙂 Expect more comments like this. And on Instagram I’ll be double tapping Baby Theo posts. <3 hehe. Much love from a recent fan. 😉

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