Theo’s 3rd Month

Theo Filart by Zeus (October 2015) 0026 Theo Filart by Zeus (October 2015) 0051

I still can’t believe our son is now 3 Months Old! I have a feeling I’ll wake up on his first birthday and cry “Don’t grow up too fast my loooooove, please stay my baby foreverrrrr!” Hahahaha! Theo’s such a darling! He surprises us each day with a new trick, a funny facial expression, and his rapidly developing behavior. Like my dad always says, Theo is such a delight and joy to our family. I know it seems too early to tell, but I feel that he really is blessed with such a considerate and sensitive spirit. When I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and tired (juggling motherhood and work), he’ll be so kind to wait patiently on me without any fuss and just looks at me so lovingly to say “It’s okay Mama, I’ll try to make it easier for you today.” Hehehe. Patrick and I are so amazed at how much our lives have changed for the better because of Theo. He really is a testament of God’s REALNESS.

To our dear friend Zeus Martinez, thank you for dedicating your time to collecting beautiful memories for our family. This gift of yours is truly priceless. Thank you for all these photos!!! Visit for more beautiful portraits 🙂


  1. His eyes have turned from gray to grayish-brown. And his blonde eyebrows are slowly taking shape! We finally are seeing them! Hehehe!
  2. He now has more control of his neck and can lift his head more confidently during tummy time and when he’s being burped.
  3. Unless he’s really sleepy, he’s no longer a fan of the cradle carrying position. He likes being carried in an upright position facing the world—I guess he enjoys the feeling of “walking and seeing the world” on his own just like an adult! Hahahaha!
  4. He’s such an active baby, makes a lot of noise on purpose and likes kicking both legs and boxing both arms non-stop during play time. He’s our little kiti-kiti.
  5. He demands your full attention, with constant eye contact and lots of TOUCH when speaking to him. If I stop to check my phone for messages during our chat, he’ll give me a coo in protest!  “Hey mom!!! Eyes on me!!” We love spoiling him with snuggles and cuddles, something we will freely give until he is 45! Hahahaha!
  6. He is a poop-trickster. Every time he has a soaking wet diaper, I wait for him to poop on it for a couple of minutes—but then there’s nothing, so I proceed to cleaning and changing. THEN After 3 minutes, he’ll completely soil that new diaper! Yikes!! He loves the feeling of pooping in a fresh and clean diaper, I guess. Nakuuuuuu. 🙂
  7. He still has that funny whipped cream hair which stands on its own no matter what. He looks like an onion or the Shellane mascot.
  8. He has now discovered his hands and loves munching on them. I have a feeling he’s also starting his teething process (so early, I know!!!) so he’s been rubbing his fists on his gums too. I better ask our pedia about this soon, best to check with a medical expert over random advice on the net 🙂
  9. He’s an incredibly easy baby, the only time he fusses is when he’s hungry or sleepy—other than that he’s so easy to please 🙂 We’re so lucky with this sweetheart!
  10. His eyes are always looking and observing, he gets fascinated with different shapes and objects! He’s a very visual little person.

Theo Filart by Zeus (October 2015) 0134Theo Filart by Zeus (October 2015) 0050 Theo Filart by Zeus (October 2015) 0082 Theo Filart by Zeus (October 2015) 0099 Theo Filart by Zeus (October 2015) 0115 Theo Filart by Zeus (October 2015) 0118 Theo Filart by Zeus (October 2015) 0094Theo Filart by Zeus (October 2015) 0126Theo Filart by Zeus (October 2015) 0135 Theo Filart by Zeus (October 2015) 0104Theo Filart by Zeus (October 2015) 0147Theo Filart by Zeus (October 2015) 0144Theo Filart by Zeus (October 2015) 0161 Theo Filart by Zeus (October 2015) 0164

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