Theo’s 4th Month


Theo Filart by Zeus Martinez Photography (November 0001It’s that time of the month again when our good friend and photographer, ZEUS MARTINEZ of, swings by to take photos of our bubba. This time I let the grandparentals enjoy the shoot with our bugoy. Working with Zeus is always a breeze, his warm disposition helps puts his subjects as ease and he shoots so fast!!! Our shoots take no longer than 30 minutes (and that includes a milk break in between takes to soothe our bossing!). This is ideal especially when working with babies and small children. You want to maximize your minutes as much as you can so they don’t end up restless and cranky! Hehehe 🙂 Thanks again Zeus for these adorable photos! Oh and he’s wearing MANGO BABY in all the photos! I love, love, love their BABY clothes and went a little bonkers at their store 🙂


  1. Our macho boy is surprising us with his physical coordination each day! He can roll over, comfortably keep himself propped up during tummy time, and  twist and bend like an acrobat while sleeping. Gone are the days of being a fragile wormy in one position! We have to make sure we keep an eye on him at all times because he can move so confidently all on his own.
  2. We fondly call him INSPECTOR BABY (Tagline:” Inspector Baby, Inspecting Daily!”) because whenever we take him out for a walk around the village (usually at 6am and 5pm every day) he really thoroughly inspects each house! Hahaha! It’s almost as if he checks the grills of all the gates, the tiles on the roof, the landscaping, etc. We like to kid him “So Inspector Baby, any village violations today???” Hahahaha! He really is such a keen observer.
  3. I see a lot of my husband and my dad in Theo’s social makeup. Unlike me who’s friendly-friendly to all, openly kengkoy and goofy—Patrick is much more reserved and chill. He’s not one to be chatty in an instant, he’ll usually stay quiet and composed when meeting people for the first time. He eventually warms up when he gets to know you better and that’s when his kulit&corny side is revealed. Theo is so bungisngis and madaldal with family—sometimes I find it hard to keep up with his energy! He can spend the whole morning giggling and snorting with us 🙂 But once someone unfamiliar is in the room, he immediately switches to his kunot noo mode and observes carefully. Hehehe! I have to keep explaining to people that his kunot noo look is not grumpiness/crankiness—it’s actually fascination! It’s when you know he’s observing something or someone new and really taking every detail in. I love that he has his own personality and that at such a young age, he’s his own person already!
  4. He’s a pool of drool. My goodness!!! We change lampins, bibs, and onesies by the hour! He just keeps drooling endlessly! I read though that it’s actually a sign of good hydration in a baby—so yeah, aside from it being funny, I guess it shows he’s healthy too! Hahaha! LAWAY BOY!!!
  5. His sleep pattern is now more predictable and established. He usually gets knocked out between 6-7pm and wakes up at 430-5am each day. He’ll wake up around 2 times in between to feed, but he easily heads back to sleep. He has made it very easy for me and Patrick and we’re very thankful that he has found his rhythm. This is why we’ve learned to respect his sleep schedule—as much as possible, we don’t take him out anymore by 6pm onwards and make sure he’s carefully tucked in bed when he shows signs of sleepiness. I know that sleep is CRUCIAL in a child’s development so I don’t want to take this for granted—even if it means cutting down on our social life and making necessary adjustments and extra arrangements, okay lang, basta masarap and tulog ng anak ko! Hahaha!
  6. He loves bathrooms! He has a fascination for toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. Whenever he starts to fuss, I bring him to the banyo and his face changes in an instant! Same goes for my mom’s house, Lola’s dresser/banyo is his happy place! So odd, but hey it works!
  7. His favorite toy: HIS LAMPIN! This guy is so low maintenance and easy, just like his Dada! We don’t have a lot of toys in the house, I just keep a few handy for him to grab and explore his senses with but other than books and a few toys, he’s pretty much happy with his lampin! I can play with him all afternoon with just a lampin! Tawang-tawa na sya! hahaha! He’s a dream baby for kuripot parents like us. Anak, stay like this forever!!!!
  8. He is very strong and healthy. I praise JESUS for this!!! He has never gotten sick since birth and I pray that this continues. I’m sure he will soon catch a cold or get a fever someday, it’ll be inevitable and expected of course, but I am so happy that this boy is covered in the Lord’s blanket of protection each day.
  9. He is so malambing! He loves to talk to us, shouting, cooing, blabbing! He’s a very talkative baby that even if he has no words yet, we talk to him as if they are actual sentences. His facial expressions are so precise, you know that he means it when he communicates with us.
  10. This child is indeed the glue in our marriage. Admittedly, Pat and I have had our share of fights—normal in every marriage and as parents. And whenever we are in a tampuhan mode, this baby does something so wonderful and so intentional that just brings us back to each other’s arms. We melt and we find ourselves loving each other again as a couple! He’s the best referee! Hahaha! Impossible to stay angry with this baby in between us, uniting us each night. He indeed is the best gift to us 🙂


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  1. Theo is sooo white! Adorably white! I’m on my 30th week of pregnancy and having a boy, too. I can’t last my day without seeing a pic of Theo. Pinaglilihian ko ata sya. Haha. Thanks Patty for sharing.:-)

  2. I was just about to say how white Theo is and saw the same comments! Haha! My daughter is 3 months old and I love how I can relate to every milestone you post about Theo. Thanks for sharing Patty! I love, love you and your blog. Been reading you for almost a decade now. 😄

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