Theo’s 7th Month

Ever since he turned a month old, we’ve tried our very best to take Theo out for a walk around the village at sunrise and sunset every single day. Theo is now 7 months old and we’re still at it. It’s a simple activity that we love doing with our son and I’d like to believe he likes it as much as we do (well for now he has no choice, hahaha).  If either one of us have an early call time for work or if we’ll have to come home after sunset—the other parent will take charge or we make sure whoever is tasked to be his caregiver for the day (our parents/our trusted helpers) will keep to the scheduled pasyal.

It’s an old school activity that just has a multitude of benefits: 1) We live in the “probinsya” down South so we’re very lucky to be in a community with lots of FRESH AIR!!! I love that Theo gets a lot of good oxygen in his system everyday.  2) He gets a good dose of Vitamin D thanks to the sweet morning sun. 3) Because he’s always outdoors, he has become very observant and loves nature. He’s fascinated by the birds, bees, trees, plants, falling leaves, dogs, cats, etc. He is learning about God’s creation at a very young age! 4) They say that keeping a routine is healthy for the baby–so having his pasyals to start and end his day has really helped us create some sort of structure. Of course, we don’t want it to be too rigid. We also have to be flexible especially if other engagements come up, but we try to stick to it as much as we can 5) It’s also good exercise for me and Pat! Pushing that stroller up-hill is good cardio! Hahaha! 6)Pasyals are free of charge!!! No need to spend for this bonding session.  7) It’s also great for us as a couple, because this is the time when Patrick and I talk about our little dreams, goals, or even problems at work that we want to address. I value our conversations and it’s nice to actually carve out time for it. Whoa I can’t believe I came up with 7 benefits! Hahaha! I didn’t expect that.

So for this month’s photo session with Zeus Martinez, we said we’ll just do our usual pasyal routine and he could come and tag along and snap some photos along the way. The afternoon light was golden yesterday, we were so lucky!!!  It was so magnificent that even if we were just in our sweats, the photos actually looked so cool! Credit is due to the master lensman Zeus who manages to make even the most ordinary days so beautiful in his photos. This set of pictures made me feel in awe of how the Lord paints the most beautiful backdrop for us to enjoy each and every day. 🙂

Theo @ The Park 0026


1. He loves his fruits and vegetables! He loves eating kamote, sayote, zucchini, apples, pears, bananas, squash! I’m so glad he’s a happy eater. He basically eats anything we offer except for spinach—the ONE thing he gagged over. Hahaha! Don’t worry, we can try to insert this into his diet again in a few weeks. I just have to be sneaky and creative 🙂

2. He loves to MOVE!!!! This fella is so agile and active–people have asked me numerous times, “Are you sure he’s only 7 months?? He moves like a toddler!”. It’s EXTRA tiring for me and Patrick to keep up with his movements and there are days when i just wish he would just be like other babies and just stay in one position. Hahaha! But that’s how he’s wired and I’ve come to appreciate it even more so now. He loves to move, he likes activity and constant stimulation, he has a zest for life that’s hard to beat!

3. His bond with Patrick is so deep, it has made me so jealous!!! Hehehe! Seriously dude, I carried you in my belly for 9 months and endured all those aches and pains even post part and yet DAD IS STILL NUMBER ONE?!?!?! Come on!??! Just the sight of Patrick gets him all in stitches—the kind of laugh that gets him all red, wheezing and barely catching his breath! Hahaha! He loves playing with Patrick so much he refuses to take a nap when he’s around. I have to literally kick him out just so Theo would finally nap! Although when it comes to bedtime at night, he sleeps the longest when he is nuzzled in Patrick’s chest. They can stay glued together in bed for hours without moving. Seeing how much they adore each other makes me weak in the knees 🙂 I am so darn lucky with my boys!

4. He has added more tricks–like waving his hands, high fives, clapping, etc. It seems like such a normal thing for non-parents but believe me when you become a mom/dad, you’ll just be so amazed by these little tricks! It just shows that your baby is progressing developmentally and these are signs that he is growing cognitively, socially, and physically!

5. He is still white as snow and brow-less (okay he has brows but they’re practically invisible because they’re blonde!). He clearly got his complexion from his dad—but people, don’t you think my son looks more like me?!?!?! Hahahaha! It’s a never ending debate between me and Patrick, Theo has some angles that looks like me and some where people call him a mini-Patrick. I guess he’s a good mix of our cuteness!

6. He loves putting everything and anything in his mouth! As long as they’re clean and safe (not choking hazards), we let him be as we know he’s also exploring different textures through his mouth at this phase. If he could eat his mama, i think he would! hahaha!

7. There are days when I still feel bugged down about my lost battle—the medical condition I developed which caused me to stop breastfeeding. It’s still an insecurity of mine to this day. But by God’s grace, we are seeing how clever, healthy and strong our son has developed even despite my inability to feed him from my breasts. Thank you Lord for nourishing him fully!

8. He loves making a lot of funny noises, he shrieks and screams with us like he’s actually having a conversation so we indulge him and make sure we talk to him back like a regular person.

9. He has acquired many nicknames, Chochoy Boy, Bubbajeebus, Moogachichi, Pimpims, Waway Monster, and so many more cheesy names that are a result of pure GIGIL!

10. My mom introduced a song to him “Little Fingers” and he’s been hooked on it ever since! This song has a magical power over him–I’ve used it to calm him down when crying in the car seat or when he’s fighting his sleepiness! It’s a wonder song! Hahaha! Although admittedly, Patrick and I are sick and tired of singing it—it makes him happy so we’ll sing it until this Little Fingers phase wears out. Good luck to us! Hahahaha

 Theo @ The Park 0115Theo @ The Park 0032 Theo @ The Park 0033 Theo @ The Park 0081Theo @ The Park 0038 Theo @ The Park 0118Theo @ The Park 0140Theo @ The Park 0064Theo @ The Park 0041-2 Theo @ The Park 0066 Theo @ The Park 0048Theo @ The Park 0075 Theo @ The Park 0182-2Theo @ The Park 0112 Theo @ The Park 0123 Theo @ The Park 0128 Theo @ The Park 0147 Theo @ The Park 0178-2

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  1. Thank you Patty for your parenting & baby tips. I just love reading your blog & seeing pictures of your cute & adorable Theo! I’m a new mom as well to a 41/2 month baby boy…his name is Jacob but we call him Coby. He’s a miracle baby, we’ve waited for him for 19yrs! I was 5 months pregnant when you gave birth to Theo & i cried so hard when you wrote that blog about all your struggles & pain after giving birth to him. i had a difficult pregnancy, i was on complete bed rest all throughout my pregnancy with bathroom privileges only and God used you as an inspiration & encouragement. I even downloaded the song “even when it hurts” & became my national anthem when i was pregnant. God bless you & your family & may the Lord continue to use you for His glory!

    • For now we’ve been using the bug oil from So True Naturals 🙂 But Theo is always always bitten by mosquitoes! GRRRRR

  2. Truth be told, he really looks like his dad, patty! Hehe. But yeah, okay, when he smiles, I think its more of you! Happy 7th month Theo, you chubbychubchub!!!

  3. Hello Patty! Ang sarap makakita ng malusog at masayahing bata!!! ‘Yung anak ko, nagsisimula na ring kumain ng solids. Spinach lang ba na mashed/mixed ang sahog dun sa ayaw kainin ni Theo? Ako kasi hinahaluan ko na ngayon ng mashed potatoes ang mga gulay na binibigay ko sa kanya at mukhang mas nagugustuhan niya. Baka pag may patatas, mas magustuhan nya ang lasa ng spinach?
    Sana huwag mo nang masyadong damdamin ang hindi mo pagbi-breast feed. Kasi kung titignan naman ang bata, sobrang bibo at sigla niya! Sa totoo lang, ako rin tumigil na sa pagpapa-dede kasi ni-rekumenda ng doktor para wala akong ma-pasang kahit na ano sa anak ko (may condition din ako). Nakakalungkot, pero iniisip ko na lang na hangga’t maayos ang bata, walang dapat alalahanin. Enjoy kayo sa weekend nyo!

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