Theo’s Dedication at Taza

Last Sunday, we had a very small and intimate gathering of friends and loved ones to dedicate our sweet, silly, spunky and drooly  8 month old Theo to Jesus Christ. We initially asked our pastor friend to dedicate him but due to some unforeseen circumstances which were totally understandable, he had to cancel last minute. Patrick came up with the brilliant idea of asking our fathers, Lolo JJ and Opa Abet, to be the ones to dedicate Theo along with him. It was very sweet and simple with heartfelt prayers from all 3 men. They all got teary eyed and the rest of us were trying to keep it together! Hahaha! Theo on the other hand was pre-occupied with his socks. Nyekkk 🙂

I love that the pillars of our family were the ones who lifted our son up in prayer. My husband, my father, and father in law are far from perfect, they make mistakes and fall short of expectations all the time—but they are REAL men of integrity and faith. I would consider myself very lucky if Theo grows up to be like them too. I have a ton of things on my wishlist for Theo, just like any mother, I want him to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled. But our biggest prayer as parents is that he will fully know and  fully love Jesus when he grows up—and that his identity, his dreams, his happiness, his purpose will all be anchored in CHRIST and HIM alone.

I will save a longer emo-mega senti post about the beautiful dedication by the 3 men in our family for later—I need more time to compose that one (Oh free time?! When will I ever have more free time!!?! Working mama woes!) and I hope you will be patient enough to wait my dear readers.  For now, just allow me to share the one trillion photos the Catilos took last Sunday!



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Hayyyy, aren’t these pictures too precious!!?!? Every time I see “Sheila Catilo has sent you a file via We Transfer” on my inbox it gives me that Christmas morning kind of joy. Ang saya saya saya ko lang! Their photos just make me feel so HAPPY! Forgive the graphic description, but it almost feels like when you need to pee like a racehorse and although you’re already the next one in line it just feels like an eternity waiting. As soon as you see the red “occupied” sign on the stall click to green, it’s like an Alleluia moment like no other. Your bladder is overjoyed and you feel like you won the jackpot!!! That’s how it feels when my low EQ levels are satisfied with a download link from Sheila and Jorem. HAHAHAHA! The Catilos have captured so many milestones in our lives from our wedding and now to Theo’s dedication.

We chose Taza Fresh Table in Taal Vista Hotel because this is our favorite restaurant in all of Tagaytay. And Tagaytay has a LOT of amazing restaurants, so this is quite a tag 🙂 We ate here exactly a year ago to celebrate our BF-GF anniversary  and Theo was just still a cantaloupe in my belly (yes, baduy kami..we still celebrate!! Pasensya na!!) and we just loved everything about it. First of all, it’s just a really, really pretty place. The restaurant is bathed in warm natural light during the day but is equally stunning at night. Just outside the restaurant, you can enjoy the picture perfect view of Taal. BUT of course, as a genuine foodie—it was really Chef Jayme’s dishes that got me hooked. The wholesome food with the freshest ingredients were so memorable, we ate there for lunch AND dinner on the same day because we wanted to try more dishes on the menu. Nakakahiya nga sa mga waiters eh, it must’ve been so hilarious seeing us twice on the same day!

Since the dedication was very small with just our closest loved ones—we didn’t have any big program or party planned. We didn’t even have a mic or sound system! Haha! We just wanted it to be an intimate dining experience they would thoroughly enjoy. So I enlisted the help of Chef Jayme and the fab team of Taal Vista headed by Marla and Josephine (who were amazing by the way!!!!!) to come up with a special menu for our guests. Chef definitely pulled out all his rockstar dishes for this one! All our guests kept raving that it was really a feast they didn’t expect.

I also asked Steph and Lady of the Boqueria Lifestyle Market to take the lead with styling. I’ve worked with them before for the Knotting Gil brunch we hosted for my friends Nikki Gil and her now husband BJ Albert—and ever since then, they have become one of my favorites when it comes to event styling. They are so professional and easy to work with.

I wish I could take credit for how beautiful everything turned out to be, but it was ALL them! I just trusted them completely and they exceeded my expectations. I kid you not, we just basically showed up for the event. Zero stress for me!!!  Everything was just via email and easy to coordinate. THANK YOU GUYS for making it a breeze! Sometimes I wish I could be a DIY kind of mom and do everything from scratch (these women are superheroes!), but the reality is I am a working mom and not very gifted in the whole Martha Stewart department. What I believe I’m good at though is picking the best suppliers, hahahaha! Like that’s even a skill?!?! But seriously, I just chose Boqueria, Taza and also Cupcakes by Sonja because I knew that even if our event was very small, they would still give it their all and perform excellently 🙂 Thank you so much also to my friends who gave giveaways—LOOLA (all natural sprays) and LAUREN GAILE Gourmet Sweets (their chocolate chip cookies are INSANELY GOOD! So ooey gooey with the best chocolate chunks!).

Thanks again to all of our guests who carved out time for us last weekend! Your presence definitely made us feel so loved! Theo is so blessed to be surrounded by amazing people. 🙂 Like I said, EMO post to follow!! Hahahaha! Mama has to feed her little hungry bugoy, so adios for now.

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