Theo’s First Trip to Singapore

I wish I had more time to write down a proper blog entry for this, but this week has been a blur with work and all the chaos at home. But I’d still like to share the photos here with all of you because this was definitely one of our most memorable trips as a family of 3 (plus the amazing Maimai too! Always thankful when we are able to set aside a bit for her to relax and enjoy the holiday with us too.) Sometimes when everything just aligns perfectly while planning, you just know that the trip is meant to be. In our case we got a string of good breaks—a promo fare, an amazing airbnb discovery, the Coldplay concert at more than half the price of what we would have gotten in Manila, and Theo’s free under 2 flying situation. Just thankful for opportunities like this, more than the experience of travel, it’s really the chance to build new memories with our wide-eyed, curious, and clever one year-old son. He absorbed so much during that trip, he still talks constantly about Singapore up to now! Here are some snaps from our weekend in SG.


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