Things I FANCY: My Current Wishlist!

If you’ve been wasting your time with me on my blog..Well, I’ve been wasting my time on THE FANCY and APARTMENT THERAPY. Patrick discovered the Fancy and A.T. iPad apps a few months ago and we’ve been hooked on them since then. One of our favorite things to do is to sit on a couch and “fancy” random things: from odd shaped sofas to eccentric wallpaper.

Here are a couple of things that I’ve added to my wish list:
Christmas is still a few months away, so this gives you ample time to shop for me (ahem,ahem..pakapalan na ng mukha ito!). So do you have your pen and paper ready, guys?? Better list this down! Hahahaha!

I’m loving all these travel inspired accents for the home. I’m obsessed with flags and maps and I’m starting a little collection. Last month I was in Madrid and stayed with my cousin Inigo, his pad was filled with maps (both new and old) and I told him as soon as I get my own flat, I’d decorate it with maps all over too! 🙂 If you have any maps lying around the house…please do send them my way! 🙂

Images from The Fancy

I’m a fan of rough, raw, vintage-meets-modern furniture and home fixtures. I’m not really a fan of the overly polished and glossy furniture that screams “I have so much moneeeeyyyy!!!” hahaha 🙂 Well, maybe Im just bitter because I don’t have the money to flaunt 🙂 Im sure if I were ten times richer, I’d be ten times tackier too! Hahaha. I like things that feel organic but well designed, functional yet still aesthetically appealing. 

Images from The Fancy and Apartment Therapy

Images from The Fancy

I love going on picnics! If only we had more parks in Manila (and a much cooler climate), I’d be picnicking every single day 🙂 Check out this awesome backpack..equipped with everything you’ll need for a nice, romantic picnic at the park! Kulang nalang yung gwapong “ka-picnic”..I’m sure there’s a compartment in this backpack for that too, just cram in some cute fella in one of the pockets along with your iPod. hahaha 🙂

One day, Someday..when my sister and I are already bajillionaires…we will head back to our lolo’s lovely beach in Mati, Davao Oriental and build a beautiful beach house for our parents. We’ll have a sea shell themed bathroom like this 🙂 And also a clear kayak too, you know, so that the fishies can check out my bootylicious ba-dunk-a-dunk dunks! Hahahaha!!!

Apartment Therapy
The Fancy

A chocolate bed?! A bed that looks like a chocolate bar? A chocolate bar that doubles as a bed?! Chocolate?! @#$$%^&! Homaygoodness!

The Fancy
And of course, my DREAM kitchen should have 1) An ice cream sundae maker 2) An ice cream sandwich maker 3) Mini Donut Factory 4) A Chocolate Fountain (not in photo)!!!! I’d be happy with any one of these items..but if you wish to give me all 4, then that would be MUCH BETTER!!! Medyo mahilig kasi ako sa matamis..medyo lang naman..hahaha 🙂
Images from The Fancy

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