Thirty Six O Christmas Party

A BIG, BIG, BIG THANK YOU to Yellow Cab Pizza Co. for feeding this group of hungry carb-loving kids (yes, kasama ako sa kids!!! Young at heart!). We will always be big fans of your yummy pizzas, pastas and chicken!!! 🙂 🙂 You also saved me from the nightmare of cooking and cleaning! Hahaha! I love cooking for guests but my body has been sore from my Pilates work out for the past 2 days so having Yellow Cab for delivery was the best idea ever. Good food in an instant, everyone happy!
And the gluttony did not end there, TOBLERONE sent me this gigantic chocolate toblerone which I obviously could not manage to eat on my own. It’s much bigger in real life–the photos don’t do it justice. We chopped up one triangle into smaller bits and the 12 of us couldn’t even finish it! It was that huge!!! CHOCOHOLIC’s DREAM talaga!
To our beloved THIRTY SIX O FAMILY, we love you guys so much and look forward to celebrating more holidays with you! Here’s to another awesome year together!

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