This Week’s Awesome Discovery

I’m Miss Stuffy Nose. No fail, I always wake up with a stuffy nose in the morning. It always disappears by the time I get up and do my thing, but it really bugs me for the first few minutes of my waking. Maybe I’m allergic to something (some say it could be related to gluten intolerance! Eeep!) and it doesn’t seem to be all too serious, just annoying really, hehehe.
MUJI let me road-test their Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser over the weekend and I think I might have just found a cure to my morning sniffles! You basically just pour a few drops of the essential oil and blend it with about 100ml of water, plug it in and it will release a dry mist that envelopes the room in a very subtle way. The scent is distributed so evenly, it’s not overpowering at all. You can choose from 3 scents depending on your mood, of course: Relax (Lavender), Refresh (Eucalyptus/Japanese Cypress) and Power Up (Summer Leisure). I tried the Japanese Cypress scent and found it very calming. 
This Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser also comes with an LED light so it can also double as a night lamp by your bedside. And just like most MUJI items, it comes in a very simple and understated design that will blend seamlessly into any room, office, or spa. This product has been buzzed about all over Japan, China and other Asian countries so I can imagine it will become a crowd favorite in Manila as well. It’s now available in all MUJI stores in the Philippines.

One Response to This Week’s Awesome Discovery

  1. I get sniffles in the morning, too and it’s most likely you have allergic rhinitis as well 🙂 Antihistamine helps!

    We have a similar diffuser and I love using it just to keep the air hydrated and our bed room lightly scented 🙂