Thread 365 #ColorPop

It’s always FUN working with my husband–especially since he’s really more of a behind-the-scenes kind of guy thanks to his work in production. He starts off a bit shy but after a few clicks he turns into a natural, like Blue Steel levels! hihihi! I’ve been modeling on the side for over a decade now (yikes!!! I’m prehistoric!) and I still get nervous for each shoot. I kid you not. Sometimes I’ll have to eat a very BIG breakfast/lunch right before a shoot (two cups of rice for extra strength!) because I know I’ll have butterflies fluttering in my tummy as soon as the cameras roll so having an empty stomach doesn’t work for me. I know as a “model” you’re supposed to stay slim and maybe it’s not very professional of me to be stuffing myself with carbs before a shoot, but maaaaan..I’d turn into a total wreck without some decent grub!Of course when I see the little love lumps and rolly bits on the monitor, that’s when I start kicking myself in the butt and think “Darnit! I shouldn’t have had that extra cup of rice!!! What were you thinking, Patty? Seriously!?” Hahaha! 

I’m glad that this shoot for the Thread 365 Color Pop campaign didn’t require us to become pin thin “supermodels” and we were just asked to be ourselves—love lumps, roll bits and all. Well, a prettier and more polished version of course! I obviously had some help with my hair and makeup 🙂 I don’t wake up in the morning looking like this. Ask my husband. I’m sure he goes “Achechecheche” like Vic Sotto in the morning when he turns over to my side. Let’s ask him now. So LOVE, do you go “Achechecheche”when you see my face in the morning??? *PAUSE* Mwahahahaha binola nya ako! He goes “Why would I say that, you look wonderfuuuuul” in an asar tone. Ay sus, sige na nga. Answer accepted! Back to the shoot, yes we did get our hair and makeup done but it was kept to a minimal and I loved that we just wore clothes we would actually wear on a regular day. For this shoot, we put on our favorite Thread 365 tops and just had a bit of fun with THE LENS MASTER Mark Nicdao. 

Thread 365 tops are not just your average tees. These tops are beyond basics and are made of durable and incredibly soft material. The shirts are quite addictive, you’ll end up having several colors of each style without you actually realizing it. Hahaha! They are very figure flattering for both guys and girls 🙂 You can drop by Common Thread in Greenbelt to check out their latest collection. Check out the photos below! Thanks again to Thread 365 for including us in this awesome roster of young influencers. 

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