MAY: My Top 3 Favorite Baby Products

1.Skip Hop Black Diaper Bag

So when I was pregnant, I probably received about 3-4 diaper bags. All were cute and trendy, each equipped with nice pockets and compartments. But this has got to be the best one so far. I got this backpack in Mothercare and have been very happy with it. Lugging a diaper bag for hours while carrying a baby ain’t funny at all, it could lead to serious back aches and even a stiff neck! So this works well because it comes in a backpack form giving you better weight distribution for your back and shoulders. And because it comes in black, it’s gender neutral meaning in 2 aspects: it works whether you have a boy/girl and it can be used by both mommy&daddy! My husband is a guy’s guy, so he wasn’t too keen on carrying those flowery diaper bags—so this is a happy compromise for both of us.


2. Mixie Bottles

I’ve mentioned this on the blog and Instagram before, but Mixie is the ultimate game changer for me. One of the downsides of switching to formula aside from the expenses and health benefits of course—is the inconvenience! I was really set on breastfeeding because of the convenience it would bring but the Lord had other plans for me and as you know my medical condition led me to stop abruptly. But now that I have these bottles, I can plan in advance and save a lot of time! They allow me to travel with Theo with ease! I urge you to google about Mixie so you can understand the mechanism behind these smart bottles. You can purchase them via @mixiephilippines on IG.


3. Ecomom UV Sterilizer and Dryer

Okay, so this is a bit of a splurge. Yes. But it’ll be worth every centavo! I can’t stop raving about this sterilizer! Since it uses UV light, it can kill more germs than the standard sterilizer. It comes with a dryer function as well so as soon as I wash my Mixie bottles parts, Theo’s teething beads, toys, and utensils—I just pop them in, click the button and leave it! They’re good to use as soon as the 35 minute cycle is over. Completely sterilized and dry! You can even use it for other items at home, it’s not only for baby things! Visit their FB page to inquire about it 🙂


5 Responses to MAY: My Top 3 Favorite Baby Products

  1. Thanks Patty! Bookmarked, for when a baby comes, Lord willing 🙂

    Any suggestions for strollers and cribs? 😀

  2. Hi Patty. My husband and i will be going on a out of the country trip with my little one. I’m getting mixie bottles ‘coz i read it here. I just want to know…are they easy to clean? Do i need to have the bottles sterilized all the time? What are your other travel tips for moms like me who have formula fed little ones? Thank you…i so love your site!

    • Hi Liza! With mixie bottles, I use a standard brush& bottle cleaning rinse to wash everything in luke warm water then I also use sterilizer bags (you can get from Mothercare) to sterilize when I’m on the go. Very easy to use! 🙂

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