Traditional Khmer Cooking Class

On our second day in the city, we tried to domesticate ourselves Cambo style. We visited their wet market to check out the fresh produce (we found a lot of exotic items—funny looking fruits&vegetables and even skinned&headless frogs and snakes for sale! Eeeep! I’m adventurous but not THAT adventurous.) After the market trip, we learned how to cook some traditional Khmer meals with the Cooks in Tuks-tuks. We prepared a Sweet Potato&Sago in Coconut Milk dessert (tastes a lot like ginataan), Banana Heart Salad (PUSO!!!), and the most famous Cambodian dish of them of all–AMOK! Since we’ve been having Fish Amok for N times, we opted for the Chicken Amok instead for this particular class. It was hot and sticky both in the market and during our cooking session, I’m glad I wore a very breathable dress from Suiteblanco. I paired it with my el cheapo rain flats to complete my no fuss look for the long activity filled morning. Dresses in light, wrinkle free fabrics are great travel staples, they are very versatile taking you from day to night PLUS they don’t occupy too much space in your luggage. Here are some photos from our Siem Reap foodie morning!

One Response to Traditional Khmer Cooking Class

  1. i love how you try to get a feel of the country’s cuisine by trying out cooking classes during your trip. i remember during your bali trip you and patrick also did that. it’s a great way of appreciating their culinary history. 🙂 hayyy… i feel so bad tuloy that i never booked for that siem reap trip we were supposed to have from sept 5-8.